Get Smart @JennyHatch #Censorship

A few news clips and memes set to classic Manilow and edited by Jenny Hatch

     When we certified as Bradley Childbirth Educators in 1989, I had no idea how deep the rabbit hole was going to go for us as a family. Last night Paul came into our bedroom and expressed his concern that I may find myself arrested and tried for my meme video making.

That image of me in an orange jumpsuit communicating with my family through a little phone on the wall with a clear glass window between us is not something I relish or expect.

But I do feel terrible for my husband.

While he has long suspected that I am all in with free speech, the fact that I awoke this morning and immediately went to work crafing the masterpiece you watched above is how I feel about my ability to communicate with those who love my work.

At times I have felt like I was the most banned of any voice.  I knew early on that the deep state Demons were going after those of us who preached home birth since the time Dr. Mendelsohn experienced an untimely death.

When my friend and mentor Jeannine Parvati Baker died in 2005, the gloves came off and they went whole hog against those of us who were preaching family birth.  It felt like the gates of hell had ripped open and the demons were snapping at my feet.

Traumatized Moms are the key to the whole deep state control matrix. It is why the whole culture screams danger around birth like the Truman show screamed danger around travel. If a woman is tortured, drugged, and needlessly cut during birth, the opportunity for medical mischief just multiplies with each baby.

The greatest joy I have recently experienced is following all of these moms on Instagram who have huge families of children born holistically at home.  They are in varying degrees of self reliance with their food production, most are homeschooling, and the health of their children just comes screaming across the internet as a witness to anyone watching that this lifestyle choice is good for babies and families.

My vision for the future is of huge swaths of humanity turning their backs on the fear mongers and claiming sovereignty over their lives.  In every dimension, living a life completly severed from government money, influence, and control.

I am so proud of these young couples who are living this lifestyle and who are fearlessly sharing on the internet as they work home businesses and set prime examples for anyone who follows.

If you are looking for a great place to get started I recommend Brandy at The Prudent Homemaker.  She has it down. She daily shares how to make due on one income with a house full of children.

So the final thing I want to ask you is, “Why would madison avenue and the deep state be so determined that Moms work outside the home, babies are in day care, everyone is drugged, and those of us preaching how to live simply are so needlessly harassed and censored?

Think about that as you peruse the memes I used in my video. And leave a comment if you have any answers.

I believe they desperately want Fathers out of the homes of the people because it is so much easier to snatch the children when a single mom is raising children alone.

Jenny Marie Hatch


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