COVID Science Evidences Demonic Influence: Bio-Apocalypse Whistleblower Predicted and Explained Deadlier Coronavirus Mutants

I had Dr. Horowitz on my Podcast last month and he explained why he has standing to sue Pfizer and Moderna as well as the Spike protein mutagenic qualities of the new vaccines.

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Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

(; January 23, 2021)


Two COVID proteins, censorship, dehumanizing social and economicimpositions, and much more, tie this mutating bio-apocalypse, like AIDS and Ebola, to a “666” Satanic cult with solid science exposing the underlying demonic influence. 

This whistleblower predicted this genocide years ago, and clearly explains this vaccine-linked crisis and its pathogenesis. He takes you into this realm of criminal psychopathology, and depopulation pseudo-science tainted by evil.


The deadlier more transmissible coronavirus mutants increasingly threatening civilization were accurately predicted and explained by this author repeatedly over the past quarter-century in hundreds of articles, dozens of videos, multiple films, and two bestselling books published to avert this disaster: Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional? and Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse.

All the above went grossly neglected, censored, disparaged, and dismissed. Those serving darkness labeled me a “conspiracy theorist.” Those claiming to be allies refused to share my works and warnings. 

Now my righteous and accurate labors of love have exposed their ignorance, negligence, and malice. My admonishments now stand as accurate predictions of biomedical malfeasance and Bible prophesy fulfilled.(1)(2) 

Contrary to ‘skeptics,’ pseudoscientists, and athiests, the ‘Coronavirus Coup‘ or ‘plandemic‘ serves Divine justice. 


Years ago, the World Health Organization, CDC, National Cancer Institute (“NCI”) and officials serving these corrupted entities, including “AIDS Czar,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, and his partners in scientific fraud, including Dr. Robert Gallo, dismissed my scientific peer-reviewed publications as ‘pseudoscience’. As a whistle-blowing ‘insider’ in their industry that mutated lab viruses to produce cancers, plagues, and vaccines to combat them, my publications were neglected and ridiculed. 

This article takes readers one step further, into the demonic realm of pseudo-science tainted by Satanism.


Deadlier Coronavirus Mutants Have Emerged as Predicted, via Vaccines

News agencies have reported that deadlier coronavirus mutants were emerging across the globe. One new ‘variant,’ called “B.1.1.7”, was purportedly “discovered” in England. 

This emergence in December 2020 occurred within two (2) weeks of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine being mass-injected into frightened clueless consumers. 

Below you will read why this synchronicity occurred. The mass-media has concealed this truth. Their censorship evidences criminal psychopathology engaged in ‘satanic sorcery.” They advance fascism, totalitarianism, and ‘globalism” in a demonic cult administering this ‘existential threat’ to humanity. 

The damage done by this racketeering enterprise and their “COVID-19 Coup” discredits the lame justifications officials have offered to explain the virus’ emergence and methods of combating it. 

Officials’ directives have failed to secure “public health” as pledged. Their impositions, actually social assaults, are obviously killing people: Mask wearing and social distancing undermines the social fabric. Fundamental human need for “love and belonging” in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs are neglected. Depression, suicides, and economic hardships increase distress and disease. Anyone with any semblance of intelligence knows this. 

Officials imposing this state of global genocide and general chaos, thereby killing people and enslaving citizens to submit to the ruling oligarchy, are criminal psychopaths. Arguably they are ‘demonically-possessed.’ They operate precisely as described in the Book of Revelation, and precisely as I predicted years ago. 

As early as 1996 it became obvious to me that the shadow-governors would unleash their “Biological Apocalypse” and “Globalization Coup” using their ‘novel’ lab viruses instead of nuclear weapons.

Now its happening.

Big Tech Conditions and Desensitizes People to Accept Death and the Mounting Genocide


Today, the new coronavirus mutants that include genes from SARS and HIV/AIDS is making its way across the planet. The SARS ingredient purportedly “concerns health officials.” The neglected AIDS component doesn’t.

This news is being selectively censored by the Verizon conglomerate that holds massive stock in Pfizer, Moderna, and other COVID vaccine makers. 

Why would this crime syndicate herald this frightening “Headline News” other than to condition and desensitize people to accept it?

Quoting Yahoo/Verizon, “The two most troubling things about this new COVID strain are how it spreads and how it affects the risk of death. . . . The U.K. variant ‘may be associated with a higher degree of mortality,’ British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said during a Jan. 22 news briefing. . . . 

“Patrick Vallance, the U.K.’s chief scientific advisor, spoke alongside Johnson at the briefing and said that this conclusion is based on early evidence published in a report from the country’s New and Emerging Respiratory Viruses Advisory Group.”

This propaganda is promoted by the National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious Diseases ‘AIDS Czar,’ Dr. Anthony Fauci, who holds several biotechnology patents enriching himself and his partners administering the coronavirus ‘plandemic.’  These globalists/depopulationists want you to listen to what “Dr. Fauci says is most ‘disturbing’ about new COVID strains.”


Propaganda for Social Conditioning

The COVID crime syndicate now wants you to believe that the U.K. and Brazilian coronavirus mutants may be “deadlier than previous strains.” Although this pathogenicity is likely true, the conditioning of people is fraudulent nonetheless. 

The lethal fraud exists by omissionsand ‘fraudulent concealments.’ Officials omit that these deadlier and more transmissible coronavirus mutants were expected, because as lab viruses they are inherently unstable and mutagenic (i.e., susceptible to mutations).

These coronavirus mutants were totally foreseeable, predictable, and predicted. They are no surprise to anyone with knowledge in virology, molecular biology, and the companies thriving from humanity’s suffering. 

Pfizer corporate malfeasance is alarming. The drug-maker has a long history of prospering from diseases, consumer fraud, damaging prescriptions, and risky vaccinations.

Using Yahoo/Verizon News reports as a classic example of fraud, conflicting interests, and organize crime, COVID mutations worsening deaths sent Pfizer and Moderna stocks soaring. 

The two screenshots below compare lists of the top 10 stockholders in Yahoo/Verizon versus Pfizer. You can see that they are virtually identical. 

This best explains the enterprise’s fraudulent propaganda, including promoting the Pfizer COVID drugthat is not actually a “vaccine,” but really a “genetic therapy” according to Pfizer’s federal filings.

Click HERE to read the rest of Dr. Horowitz excellent article.

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