Queen’s Gambit, a review by @JennyHatch #MarxistSwill

My son told me about this new series on Netflix.

I am usually loathe to even try something new, book or movie, but I figured I would give this one a go.

I was troubled by the imagery which was mostly Satanic and Cabal (black and white checks everywhere), but by the second episode I was pulled in by the story and the high level of acting.

The filming was top notch and the story arc definitely compelling.

By the final episode I was very dismayed by this girl’s epic level of drug and alcohol abuse, her implied bisexuality, (a scene that depicted her in bed with a woman for the night neither confirmed nor denied), and the blatant pro soviet Russian communist narrative circa 1960’s Marxism.

The drug depicted throughout the movie that gave her the alternate reality voodoo power to win at Chess looked like Prozac, even though it was something else.

By the end of the series I was just hoping it would end on a positive note. And it did with her winning the world chess championship using her honed chess skills and with the help of a gaggle of men back home who helped her in the final moves.

So yes, The Queen’s Gambit was a “feel good” movie.

During this movie impressionable young women were given a female to model who was smart and sassy who comfortably told a patriotic religious group to F off. She was content to forgo their sponsorship when it became obvious they wanted her to win one for team America.

Since this young female had no sense of loyalty or fidelity to the country that spawned her, she instead told the President and his state department official to take a hike while she played chess in Red Square with her comrades.

I suppose this level of blatant open promotion of leftist tropes is what gets the green light from Netflix, but do we have to constantly accept this level of swill in order to have a decent conversation with our children about the media they are consuming?

If you as a patriotic boomer find yourself being told to F off by some young commie american princess, just know she probably watched the Queens Gambit.

Way NOT to go Netflix.

This series brought to you by Eli Lily and the People for the American Way.

Jenny Marie Hatch

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