The Miseducation of America’s Elites.

Two stories by Bari Weiss: HERE and HERE.

My comment to the second one is below!

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We homeschooled off and on with our five children and had the gift of an excellent K-12 charter school in the midst of our 28 year dance with the public school system.

I have so many thoughts jumbling around about the various issues raised by Bari’s education articles. My youngest son is graduating HS this spring from an online school attached to the local high school. He plays on the school varsity soccer team and we have been so grateful for the Colorado laws that are in place to allow homeschooled children to participate in extracurricular activities.

The main message I have for parents is that just because you pick one path, does not mean you have to stay on it. Eighth grade boys have a deep desire to attend school. There is a huge debate in the homeschooling forums about this. And some little girls are very happy with the structure of public schools and do not like spending every waking moment with their siblings. Dang, I just broke the gender stereotyping rule. My bad.

I shared my insights on education issues in this little booklet:

All four of my big kids graduated from universities and one son in getting a PhD in Chem and another son just scored a 178 on his LSAT.

So our mish mash approach did not keep them out of higher ed.

I hope everyone will be kind as we reason together.

Jenny Marie Hatch

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