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Three men stood up this past week after saying ENOUGH!

I was so pleased this morning to watch the zoom call between Bari Weiss, Paul Rossi, and Andrew Gutmann that was taped last night. The link is here if you want to give it a listen.

Last week my friend Gary Thompson also stood up to the woke mob and spoke out against Critical Race Theory in a nationally syndicated radio show with Kate Dalley.

Click on the image to listen!

I personally believe these three men and their families are the bravest people in our country right now. It would be worth your time to listen to the shows and then step up and use your voice to help stamp out the racist ideology known as Critical Race Theory.

One of the questions that really touched my heart during Baris interview with Paul and Andrew was when Andrew explained how we as parents should be setting powerful examples for our children of bravery and doing what is right knowing that we might be hammered for it.

Here are a few clips from the interview

Open and closing song is Everyone’s a little bit Racist from the show Avenue Q

I was also stunned by Andrews story of how his daughter spoke up and wrote a letter and that they are probably shunned right now from all private schools in New York and are looking for alternatives for middle school education. I personally believe the middle school years are the absolute best time for students to hang out with their parents and get a grip on the adult world. Especially that key 7th grade year when so many children make permanent decisions on which direction they want their lives to go.

I want to share just a bit of my own story to wrap up this post because I have lived the woke existence in Colorado for the past thirty years.

When we were expecting our second child in 1991 we moved to Boulder Colorado. Boulder has a reputation of being the most highly educated county in America. We have more PhD’s than any other place in the world and conservatives joke that we live in The People’s Republic of Boulder. 

I have been an out of the closet conservative willing to speak up publicly about political and education issues and because I was one of the founding mothers of the Tea Party, I have interacted with people from all over the political spectrum who also stepped up to help with various conservative causes. I also engaged with the press quite a bit. So, many people in my community know that I am a conservative with a voice and an online platform.

Because of this fact, I have had the wild experience of quiet personal conversations with many people confessing to me that they too are conservative but for the sake of their businesses, they could not be open about it.

This has happened so many times, especially with small business owners, that I have wondered if Boulder County is just one big mass of fakers who are pretending to be woke, but are really and truly conservative in the quiet of the day.

In thinking about how to flip things quickly, and unlike Andrew who believes it is going to take a long time to fix this problem because of how entrenched it is in our schools and institutions, I believe the quickest way to fix it is to do what President Trump was doing just before he left office. He signed an executive order demonetizing it. Meaning, no more tax dollars were going to be used to sensitivity train people who worked for the military and the federal government.

President Biden immediately put it back in place once he came into office, but it was remarkable to observe what happened when the little cottage industry of “educators” was being deprived of their income.

Those yelling the loudest about cancel culture being cancelled are those who are making money from it.

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Jenny Marie Hatch


  1. it’s possible that Andrew could be lying as it only his side of the story and you want to believe the ills of CRT. Also, the youtube link denies systemic racism which clearly still exists. so not sure if you mean to say woke mob or people who are aware that systemic racism still exists?

    • I doubt Andrew is a liar. And I would love it if CRT was fair and equitable. I agree with Gary that the stories are important and need to be heard.

      We all have stories.

      My grandfather immigrated with his family from Italy and experienced such horrifying rejection for his heritage that he had to change his name just to get employment.

      The question that I have is how long before CRT is replaced with character ed curriculum in all schools?

      As for the video clip. That is a song from a Broadway show called Avenue Q and attempts to make the case that everyone gets a good chuckle at racial stereotypes and we should all chill out.

      My contention is that we should laugh the loudest at our own race and tribe. That self depricating humor is contagious.

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