O Death, Where is thy Sting? @JennyHatch

Stories are pouring in from all over the world!

My heart bleeds for the innocent.

Dr. Christiane Northrup on the Covid Vaccine and fertility

There are days when I begin working on my computer and am quickly overcome with grief. I have been weeping all morning while crafting this post. All of the past angst around Hpv, H1N1, Ebola, etc with regards to fertility is back.

I am praying hard for those who are losing everything during this last battle in the wars of complete destruction. Bless You who are being destroyed from the inside out.

Jenny Marie Hatch


The stories below were recently censored by Instagram and are now hosted on this site. Rise mama rise: https://www.risemamarise.com/cycles

“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say”

Your Stories:

“A few months ago I had 2 periods in 30 days. That has never happened to me before and I’m 47 years old. Since then periods have been regularly timed but longer, heavier and more painful than normal. I don’t feel like I’ve spent a significant amount of time in the presence of fully vaccinated people.”

“Hi I’m 28, and had confirmed covid in July 2020. I have not and will not be getting the Covid vaccine. My employer and I work in close quarters. He got his 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine Monday April 12th. Tuesday midday I spontaneously started cramping. They surprised me, but they faded and then went away. I was 12 days away from my period and track my ovulation each month. I thought maybe there was an off chance it was an ovulation cramp or maybe even implantation cramping as my husband and I are pregnancy minded. It continued happening. Everyday following the 13th I would have spontaneous cramping multiple times a day. I thought it was weird after a few days and mentioned it to my husband. On the 16th information came my way that explained women exposed to those newly vaccinated were seeing alarming changes in their cycle, and that the two may be correlated. I told my boss I’d like to put more space between us in our work environment because I wanted to err on the side of caution. It was difficult to achieve (I’m the caregiver/nanny for his children and he works from home right now). Today I started my period 3 days early. Two things: 1) I always ONLY cramp one day before I start and the day of. 2) I am rarely early. I have only been early by more than 1 day once in the past 3 years. My period today is incredibly painful with bright red blood I normally display deeper colors especially the first day. I haven’t seen other changes in my flow but am staying alert.”

“I am not V and was daily exposed to someone who got the V right around the time my cycle was supposed to start. I’m pretty regular with my cycles being 28 days long. I had two days of migraines after he got his first dose, no period on day 29. Took two pregnancy tests a few days apart, then period was late and strangely light.”

“Thank you for what you do. I have not been vaxxed, but my family has. I came in town to visit family and slept in the same bed as my sister who is fully vaxxed. I woke up at about 2am with cramps like I have never had in my life. It was legit pain in my lower region. I also felt extremely nauseous. I started a bath and sat in the hot bath until about 3am. About 5 hours after that (around 8am) I started my period, which came 5 days early. However my period was abnormally light, no clotting like everyone else seem to have experienced. This is all extremely abnormal for me. I thought maybe stress of being around family, but now I feel otherwise.”

“Over Easter I spent the day with 6 fully vaccinated family members. The very next day I started my period 8 days early. It’s always heavy and fast, with final spotting on day 4. This didn’t change but the amount of clots I experienced was much more than normal. Bleeding stopped but now just 17 days later I’ve started again, heavy and lots of clots. I’ve tracked every cycle for over 11 years and though I’ve had some outlier cycles from stress or illness, nothing like this has ever happened. The Easter gathering was my first known, close proximity, and hours long exposure to a vaccinated individual, let alone 6 of them in one house.”

“My husband’s entire family was vaccinated between February and April. My husband, my children, and I did not get the vaccine. Once my in-laws did, they started wanting to “make up for lost time” and began hanging around us often. My cycle has been regular for the last decade. I’ve never had moderate or severe menstrual symptoms since I was a teen. Ever since February, my periods have been very irregular, very heavy, and sporadic. I’ve been spotting in between also. I’ve been experiencing hair loss comparable to postpartum times, extreme fatigue, debilitating cramping, racing heart, and unexplained bruising. Before hearing of this happening, my children were babysat by my in-laws twice. The first time, my youngest had diarrhea for two days following his visit with the grandparents. After this last time, both children have had a handful of bloody noses. My oldest only ever had one once before in his five years of life. My youngest, never.”

“I have gone 40 days without a period after being every 28 days for 34 years. Last mont period was weird too”

“I have had 3 periods all 7-9 days apart within the last month- starting March 25.. Extreme cramping on and off my period. Super bad acne on my back and chin. I am unvaccinated and I work in a hospital.”

“Not vaxx but everyone around me is. My periods have always been on time (I track it on two separate apps) and now every period this year has been late, And lasts more than seven days. I also have break through bleeding in between. Then after being exposed to vaxed people I got lots of bruises on my legs. Didn’t connect the dots until I saw other women posting the same thing.”

“I’ve ALWAYS had a light cycle, my entire life. I’m not vxxxed but both my mother and sister are, spent some time around them last weekend and my cycle came on time (was almost two weeks late last cycle again after spending time around people who have been vxxxxed) but this cycle my shedding is VERY heavy, terrible cramping, and with very large clots.

I’m not on BC, I track my cycle with temperature and ovulation tracking, I monitor my hormones and am very conscious about my cycle.

I’m not saying there’s a “reason” but I can say this is very abnormal for me. I also feel as though I can’t speak about this to anyone because they’ll label me as “crazy” or “making things up”. (Correlation without causation). Thank you for making me not feel crazy.”

“I am 4 months postpartum. I had no signs of my period coming back, I’m breastfeeding, everything. On Easter Sunday I went to spend time with family that had received the vaccine. I had not been around anyone who had before that day. THAT night, I went home and had strange pink spotting, and a clump of pink tissue came out…super weird. Nothing like that had occurred before. The next day I started my full on period. Thankfully I have kept my breast milk this far and hope that continues, but too strange to be a coincidence.”

“I had a partial hysterectomy several years ago.
I had bad cramps and discharge. I hadn’t had that happen before. No one around me w/ a vax.”

“Starting February first time ever having pelvic pain with sex, it hurt so bad I was in tears(high pain tolerance, no epidural for birth). Passed many blood clots, about the size of a quarter, for Feb, March, and April cycles which is usually for me. Even my female dog have a HEAVY period in March and was not due for a period until June. No one in our house got the jab but my husband and I work in healthcare so we are constantly around those who have.”

“I had my period around April 3/4/5 then stopped for a few days, but started spotting for days on end and then had another VERY HEAVY period!!!! It started around the 19th and lasted 5 days and today still lots of aching!! It’s all very odd. I have NOT had the v and won’t be but my mum has done and I live with her. This has angered me greatly as it’s my choice about my body. Can’t convince my mum of what’s happening and she’s getting her 2nd one tomorrow!!!”

“I have been regular for 18 years (4 day period, minimal PMS) and last month my partner and I were certain I was pregnant (boobs grew 3x, crazy mood swings, bloating, and so many odd cramps). When my period did finally come 1 week late, it lasted for one day only and contained many clots. Not only that, but I vomited the entire day and felt SO ill.

The next day I was totally fine, all bleeding stopped. Now 1.5 weeks later the cramps have started again and boobs are back..??? I haven’t changed anything in my routine that would be altering my hormones significantly.

Partner got Pfizer last month, close friends have all gotten J & J.”

“I have always had normal cycles, 3-5 day periods. Normally pretty heavy flow, but nothing to be concerned about. I had my period at the beginning of this month as always, so on time but had the most EXCRUCIATING cramps I have ever had. I had noticed they were bad the month before but this last time was awful. I was at work doubled over, had to turn my chair around the opposite way and sit on my knees and bounce to even bear it. My mom brought me endoflex essential oils from young living and they helped immensely but something felt WRONG. Not really abnormal bleeding or clots cause I always have some clots but I work in office with all vaccinated people. I am not and will not ever be vaccinated. Thought I would be safe by not taking it but all of these personal testimonies have me really worried. My husband and I are trying to conceive, and I already have a blood clotting disorder that makes me prone to clotting so this scares me a little.”

“Got my period twice in March! And the other day (24 days after last period) was spotting! Spotted for one day and then nothing!

Have been experiencing extreme anxiety out of nowhere with panic attacks. I’ve been consistent with my
Period since the age of 10 with no previous mental health diagnosis, this is all so very strange!”

“My children’s nanny got 1st moderna Jab 4/7. I had just ended my 4 day period one week prior, meaning my next period was due 4/28. I got my period on 4/16 and it lasted 5 days. Very light. But then it went away and came back 1 day later for one day. I passed a weird piece of tissue which is not normal for me. Today (4/23) I am still crampy and tired feeling like I normally would right before I get a period. My sister who also lives with us has had spotting and cramping. She has an IUD and doesn’t get a period.”

“My mother, step dad, both MIL and FIL got the Covid Vaccine in late February/early March. Each got a different brand, Pfizer, Moderna and J&J. I am a regular period kinda gal- every 28-30 days, no cramps, regular flow… my period was due first week in March. I was 21 days late, had EXTREME cramping, excessive bleeding, it was VERY strange. I brushed it off until reading hundreds of similar stories. Very scary (no I am not getting the vaccine!!)”

“I am ALWAYS regular and have been since I was 12 (I’m 26). I’m always between 28-30 day cycles. My husband is the admin of a nursing home so he is around a lot of people who have been jabbed. Neither of us have gotten it. Since Dec, I have been averaging 40 day cycles! Plus my ovulation period has been HORRIBLE. I’ve never had ovulation symptoms before. My breasts get swollen and extra tender. And I cramp so much. It’s almost like I’m on my period or pregnant but I’m not. It’s been awful. I feel like I have horrible hormonal period symptoms 24/7. We’re trying for a baby and this has made things difficult. I hope we can get pregnant again someday.”

“Last cycle my period came a day early and was a bit heavier than usual with multiple large clots. I even bled through a tampon and my Thinx period underwear. I have a history of painful periods, but this last cycle had me wondering why it was so heavy. I had been around my vaxxed parents and a few family members a few days prior for Easter. I work from home and don’t come into contact with many except at the grocery store. My husband and I are not vaxxed and are currently trying to conceive.”

I have been very regular for the last 30 years of having my period. Clockwork. Always predictable. I am not vaxxed and was around many family members who had recently been vaccinated. I did not get my period the following week and still have not received it. I am not pregnant as I received a tubal seven years ago.”

“My 14 year old daughter and I (34 yrs) both got two periods in January. I’ve never in my 20 yrs of menstruation have experienced that. Then my period in February was a week late. Very odd for me! My daughter and I both have NOT been vaxxed for covid but we spend lots of time around extended family that ARE vaxxed”

“I am on bc so my period is always on time and only lasts as long as I let it (I use the nuvaring) but this last cycle has been so off and so painful. I started bleeding 4 days before removing my ring which never happens to me. I thought maybe my cycle was just thrown off by hormones (I work in a salon with tons of women), and honestly I really didn’t know what to think. I have now been bleeding for 10 days. Some days it’s heavy and slimy looking and some days it’s light spotting. I have had the worst pains I have ever experienced with a period. I have had weird stabbing pains that feel like they come all the way down from my uterus and into my vagina. It’s so painful i have to take a second and hold my breath to try and just let it pass. My mom received the vax and the majority of clients I work on have as well. I had no idea about this happening to so many other women until I saw your stories. It’s terrifying. I have also had bruises appear on my thighs out of nowhere, which I also didn’t know was happening until I saw your stories. Keep doing what you’re doing, we need you to help us be heard!!”

“I bled for 65 days straight starting in February. Biggest and most clots I’ve ever had in my life. Non stop. I had a 12 day break from bleeding. Then, yesterday I had a conversation with a recently vaccinated couple & started bleeding again today.”

“Late January of 2021 three people in my office got the vaccine. In February I passed a huge piece of tissue. I thought I had miscarried because my cycle the previous two months had been off. My husband and I are trying to conceive. It was the worst pain I have ever been in. I had to take a day off of work to recover from all the blood and tissue I was passing. Now I have cramps and spotting in between cycles and they still aren’t normal. No answers from the medical professionals I have seen.”

“My monthly cycle was 6 days late this past month. It’s the first it’s been that late in 9 years.”

“Period has been lasting 2 weeks, HEAVY bleeding, large clots, horrible pain pre- and post period. Can hardly move from exhaustion and pain. For reference, my period used to last 4 days and be hardly noticeable.”

“I have a very regular 29 day cycle. On the day I was supposed to get my period, I had one single blood clot leave my body and then nothing for a whole week. During that week I had cramps, headaches, exhaustion and irritability. One week after that first blood clot, I have another singular blood clot again. I took 3 pregnancy tests, all negative. A week and a half passed after the second blood clot (more cramping, headaches, exhaustion etc through out). I finally got my period. My normal period is 3 days: medium flow, heavy, light, over. This period started off heavy, and started heavy for 3 days, going through super tampons which never happens. Day 4 came and I was still bleeding: medium flow. Then it just stopped suddenly around noon instead of reducing slowly. The next day after a walk, around 4pm I passed a blood clot out of nowhere that bled through my pants. Nothing after that. It’s been about a week since that clot, I’ve still been experiencing headaches, heart palpitations, cramps and discharge. I’ll have to wait and see what happens to my next cycle.”

“I’m unvaxxed. After spending only a few days with my vaxxed parents, I got my period (on time) with cramping for about 3 days. Cramps usually only last 24 hours for me. Additionally, period lasted MUCH longer than usual—at least 3 full days longer than usual. The blood was also super bright red, whereas it’s usually darker and more clotty. Definitely not a normal period for me.”

“My period is late. There’s zero chance of me being pregnant. Haven’t had sex. And I was in close contact of my father who has had both doses.

Two of my closest girlfriends are having similar issues. Both have been around vaccinated people. My one friend is late for her period as well, and my other friend got her period 2 weeks early. This has never happened to her before.”

“I have had a very consistent, 30 to 32 days apart. For the last four+ years. Never more than a few days late.. I completely skipped a period and went from January 24 to March 22… I had 60 days between these periods. Not pregnant, never been on birth control, no changes in lifestyle, only been around vaxxed people while grocery shopping and delivering which is my current job.”

“I have an extremely extremely extremely reliable cycle. I’m not on birth control. My cycle is synced with my period falling always on the new moon. I don’t have spotting normally either! It’s always been such a proud point of my health that I worked incredibly hard towards.

I’m in no way vaccinated. I went to see my sister-in-law. She is newly fully vaccinated and a health care worker. I spent 12 hours with her and we slept in the same bed together. Still a WEEK after I left from seeing her, I’ve had a light period ever since. I just finished my period right before I saw her. This has never happened before in my life. I don’t know why this is happening but I know it’s because I spent time with a vaccinated person.”

“Last month I spent time around friends and family who got the vaccine. About 10 days after my regular cycle, I began a new period. This month my cycle switched to the new date. My gyno said we’re “allowed” to have this happen once in awhile, however the timing makes me feel like it was due to exposure.”

“My 16 yr old daughter’s last period was 15 days late. Since she started her period at 13, it’s been like clock work every 28 days. She started back to in person school full time the first week of April. Most of the teachers in her school got the jab. She said she had the worst cramps of her life and that it was super heavy. Now a lot of the kids at school are getting the jab and we are worried what’s going to happen being exposed to so much shedding.

We tried to chalk it up to stress but she said her body didn’t feel right she said she’s been crazy stressed for a year and her period stayed the same but as soon as she went back to school full time her period messed up for the first time in her life”

“I work in healthcare, all my co workers have gotten the vaccine,I have not. I am 52 yrs old and not getting regular periods anymore, I could go months without a cycle. In January I got a period that was like I was a teenager with cramping, bleeding so heavily I woke up 2 nights in a row with overnight maxi pads on and my sheets covered with blood, clots that were very large. I continued to bleed for 18 days in a row.”

“My mom and two sisters have had really bad periods. My sisters are in collage and one of them had had the worst cramping with big clots. My mom is near menopause but at the same time has had two periods a month. My aunt (living in the Dominican Republic) has had her cycles come back after 2 years of not having any (post menopausal). I have birth in November and my period came back just 6 weeks after, even though I was nursing full time and since then I’ve been telling my sisters it just feels so weird. I always notice when I ovulate and since then I haven’t felt anything at all. None have gotten the V but we’ve all had covid. (We were not tested but my husband and all of had the same symptoms with us and he was tested). We can’t think of anyone we know that got the V but we are around lots of other people often, stores, school, etc. Not sure what’s going on but I quickly put all of these separate strange things we’ve been privately talking about for months together after seeing a few stories here.”

“Instead of ovulating, started a full period in the middle of my cycle. One week after that period I have spotting and weird clots pass. I work in the church and many of our church family has been vaxxed. I’ve been regular 26-30 day cycles my whole life.”

“last period was late by about 1.5 weeks. I’m usually pretty regular and even use the app MyFlo so I log it and know when to expect it. I’m also not on BC. I thought it was very strange that it was late and also had one pretty significant blood clot, which I thought was very abnormal. I knew this was wacky and eventually made the connection once I saw those women who were outspoken through various IG accounts. I’ve always been weary of the jab and it’s adverse affects, so have never had plans to get it. However, my dad, step mom, and step sister as well as my boyfriend’s parents have all received the jab. So I’ve spent a significant time around all of them. My step sister, as well as her sister who lives in another state, have been jabbed and are on the pill and have had irregular periods and clots as well.”

“My period has been early for the past 2 months, and this past cycle my period came 5 days late. Meanwhile I’ve been cramping for about a month, I’ve felt nauseous, fatigue and “pregnant” as well. I’ve also had brown spotting this past cycle which I never do. My periods are ALWAYS consistent & I track it and my symptoms on an app”

“I got COVID when the only person I was exposed to before they had just been vaccinated. Then my period (which is very regular) came two weeks late.”

“I am currently 11 months postpartum with my second baby. Earlier this month i felt what i figured was ovulation pain, 2.5 weeks go by and i felt like i was going to get my period, muscle aches in my back and thighs, womb pain. four days have gone by and my pain has stayed the same or increased and have not actually bled. it’s just been like i’m going to get my period, or a cyst or something. I didn’t get my period back until 16 months pp with my first, this isn’t a total surprise but it just feels off. My mom, dad, lots of people have had said injection and i’ve been around them. i had a gut feeling to stay AWAY from them and ignored my intuition. i shouldn’t have ignored myself.”

“I’m in my 40s and always had regular cycles. In March my cycle came 1 week early. That never happens. I ended up getting pregnant very end of March. Sadly, I had a miscarriage in my 5th week. I have had miscarriages before, so I cannot say this was related to being around others who have received the jab; but I will say that this period isn’t like my other periods I’ve had after a miscarriage. This one is more small clots and spotty.”

“My 15 yr old daughter started her period just a week after finishing her previous cycle but this one was unlike anything I have ever seen. She was bleeding through a super plus tampon and overnight pad within 10-30 minutes and had the largest clots I’ve ever seen in my life… for 3 straight days, on top of elevated heart rate. It was so scary. But here’s the kicker, this started on a Friday and just five days before that she had spent the weekend at her dad’s house who had just received the jab the week prior. I never in a million years suspected this but now I have no doubt in my mind one caused the other. She is doing well now, she did stop bleeding after a full 7 day cycle and her heart rate is regulated. Now, she’s a week late starting, going back to her dad’s this weekend so keeping a close eye on how it effects her. Also, she is not/could not be pregnant…just throwing that out there.”

“I have not been vaccinated. I have been working in close proximity as a barber to many people who have been vaccinated. Both Feb & March my cycle was 10 days off schedule. April I was over a week late and was heavier than I can remember. No cramps with that one however. Just extremely sore breasts. About a week after my cycle finished, I experienced terrible cramps in my pelvic area/legs for 3-4 days. None of this was normal to me.”

“My cycle has been late by 2 weeks twice since january. i am extremely regular and have always had my cycles on time! a couple days wouldn’t bother me but 14 days late is concerning.. i also experienced pelvic pain around when i was supposed to start and i went and had an ultrasound and they said it could have been a cyst that was causing the pain and told me i was clear… Once i started i actually didn’t have any cramps like i normally would and the flow has been regular.. I have been around many Vaccinated people..

My moms story…
she has not had her period in 7 years and is way past that. her boyfriend got the vaccine last week and now she is tinging blood!!! this is absolutely insane and definitely related..

I posted a poll on my instagram and i had a lot of women i know who are having messed up cycles. a lot of them had the vaccine. one of my friends hasn’t had a period in 3 years because of her IUD she is an RN at the hospital and she is NOT vaccinated and she just started bleeding.. she also mentioned to me how many healthy people have come in with brain bleeds and strokes post vaccination snd that the doctors make a point to say it’s not related to the vaccine… WTF!!!
she expressed she had a 33 year old female who had a stroke post vaccine and is no longer able to talk, walk or eat and prognosis is not good. the family knew it was the vaccine. She is actually looking for a job outside the medical field because she cannot take the corruption…thanks again!”

“My hormones have been “off” for about 5-6 weeks. My cycles are a few days early, very heavy first few days. Last month I did have more clotting than usual.
My daughter who is 12, started her cycle last July has been having hers every 2-3 weeks for 7-9 days. She’s in public school with most teachers who have been vaccinated.”

“My period is NEVER late, unless I’m pregnant. Which I’m not, it finally came at almost a week late. It’s a heavier period than usual. I recently spent time around my grandparents who were vaccinated (I am not).”

“Saw a friend Saturday who the following Monday was going for her 2nd dose of the M vax. Spent about 5 or 6 hours sitting across from her. Started spotting Monday, by Thursday full blown period and a face all broken out. I am 40 years old acne has never been an issue for me. This is my second period in April. Not normal”

“I have always had a regular, on time, 5 day long period. In November my period was one week late (I knew there was no chance of pregnancy), but figured it was because I upped my cardio at the gym. December it was another week late. This keeps happening every single month (I didn’t even have one in February). This last period was 7 days long.. 7!! That’s NOT right for me. That has never happened. It was very odd and freaked me out. I did not receive the covid vaccination and the only people I’ve been around who I’m sure have been vaccinated are those at the grocery store and gym.”

“I was in my garden a few days ago. My neighbours were having a party in theirs. There were approx 9 people with other people coming and going too. I started to feel extremely ill suddenly. Flu like feeling. Sharp headache and sharp period pains.

I went inside to get painkillers and all symptoms went away. I went back outside, they came back. The closer to their fence I got, the more intense the head pain and period pain.

I eventually came inside and thought it might be down to too much sun. The following day I had chest infection like symptoms and the most horrendous period started with clots over a week early. I am still in intense pain on day 4 when I only ever get pain on day 1.

I was in the garden the following day and overheard all 9 people discussing which of them had had the vaccine. All of them had. My neighbour had had her 2nd dose the day I started to feel ill.

I have no contact with other people and rarely leave my house. These are the only people I’ve had (indirect) contact with since last year”

“I’ve been following women’s stories about their bodies reacting to something. I believed it but felt like it wouldn’t happen to me. Yesterday I had major fatigue and pain in my lymphs. I didn’t want to be a hypochondriac, so I assumed it was from allergies…. until I started spotting. I never stop outside of my period. It’s not coming soon.”

“My first period after having my baby was different than it was before… it lasted longer and I was told it will regulate again and it started too but then it got really heavy with lots of clotting and I had a c section and around the scar it always hurts now during my cycle. This started two cycles ago.”

“I experienced heavy clotting and a longer cycle.
I haven’t had clots in over 5 years”

“Since having 3 children back to back my cycle has always been slightly irregular. I recently got a job at a coffee shop where everyone besides me has gotten the jab. This month, my cramps were excruciatingly painful. Some even made me drop to my knees. I’ve had extreme fatigue and I have small bruises on my arms, stomach and thighs. Usually I have a normal flow but this month it is heavier.”

“Hi! I was floored when I started reading all of these stories last week. Last month I was so confused when I started my period 12 days early. I saw all of the testimonies come out so I looked back at what I was doing the days before I started my period and the day before, I had hung out with a friend who had recently been fully vaccinated and chatted with her for a couple hours- no masks cause we were outside after we got pedicures together. Hadn’t hung out with her at all prior. So weird. Just started 5 days early this month too and much heavier than normal. Usually I barely spot the first day but this period and last one have been me waking up to pouring blood”

“I felt symptoms as if I was pregnant again (17 months postpartum) for 2 straight weeks before my period. I wasn’t expecting my period until April 20th. I had cravings and bad cramps like a pain I felt when I became pregnant the first time (I never have severe cramps whatsoever). I began my period April 14th suddenly which was very strange for me as I’ve never had a cycle change like this before. I spotted 3 days prior to getting it which led me to believe pregnancy & the test was negative. My period lasted 4 days, but when it began it was completely brown, very opposite of how it has always began my entire life, bright red.”

“Hi, I was reading some of your posts and I started looking back at my periods and they’ve been so weird lately too! They have been fairly regular my whole life and I’ve been taking birth control since high school. In the fall all of my friends got vaccinated and we hangout almost everyday. I am the only one not vaccinated. I started having breakthrough bleeding or early periods every 2 weeks for about 3 months and I thought maybe my birth control prescription wasnt strong enough for me anymore and I don’t have a way to see a doctor currently so I decided to just stop taking it until I could get it fixed. This is my first month off birth control (and I’ve been off it here and there before and continued to have regular cycles) and I am over a week late. I’ve taken 2 pregnancy tests at different points of the week and they were both negative. What’s strange is I experienced a lot of regular PMS symptoms at the usual point in my cycle before my period but never actually got it.”

“At first I didn’t understand what was happening with my body…second period in one month? It couldn’t be. I just ended mine a week ago! It’s heavy. Second day on this second period I get the most painful migraine. This hasn’t happened since I was pregnant with my daughter 2.5 years ago. It was so bad, painkillers did nothing (I hate taking them unless absolutely needed) and I fell asleep icing it. None of it makes sense to me— all I know is this is happening to so many others.”

“I started my period on March 28th. 2 weeks later on April 12th it looked like I was going to be starting again already. 4 days later on April 16th I had a big blood clot! And now it’s all gone. We saw a family member 2 days prior to when this happened and he has been vaxxed.”

“Went to a baby shower and found out later everyone but me was vAXeD. Went home feeling sick and exhausted.
Period two weeks late and then so horribly painful I left work early. Nausea mans exhaustion. Heavy bleeding with clots and dark color.
I’ve been trying for months to get my cycle healthy and one day ruined everything.
Then bruises. Arms and legs. Doesn’t make sense. I never used to bruise.
Bloating and headaches as well. Like insane headaches.
Trying to drain my lymphatic system to alleviate the pressure”

“I am always on time with my periods and very very regular. This month I just started my period a week early and that has never happened to me. I usually always have a 30 day cycle and this month it was 22 days.”

“I work in a home with one other female. I will not be getting v*

She got her second shot on a Thursday and came in feeling very lethargic and heavy on Friday morning.

By noon I was in the bathroom with severe—truly severe ovary pain. I ended up stripping down from sweating in the bathroom (whilst at work) trying to find relief. This felt like ovulation pain tripled. It wasn’t period cramps—it felt similar to ovulation but much more dramatic.

I ended up leaving work after an hour of pain—thinking I had some sort of food poisoning as I had felt 100% the day prior.

I was not on my typical ovulation week or near it. In fact it was a week after my period ended.

6 days later I have gotten my period. My cycle this month was 2 weeks long. Never has this ever happened to me ONCE in my life!

I write this as someone who has healed cramps thru much internal work and has had a regular mild period for 10+ years.

All of this said— I did not even THINK of the v*
I just went home to rest and let it go.

I later was sent this information, and it resonated so strongly I broke down in tears.

It scares me that even though I chose not to participate I have been effected—worse, if that’s how I react I do not want to know how she will be effected long term.

Thank you so much for the space to share.
This must be documented.”

“Our family of 6 (ages 32, 5, 2, 1, and newborn) had covid in December. January I had 2 periods (my second period came 2 weeks after the first) and I haven’t had a period since. (Not pregnant, thyroid levels are normal, experiencing some light spotting today)”

“I’ve always had regular periods, but soon after the start of this year my period was two weeks late with no reason as to why. The period after that was a week late. I haven’t had my next period yet. My friend also had a pregnancy scare a few days ago because her period was a week late. She also has very regular periods! What is going on!”

Mine is a little different from stories I’ve been reading. I had a hysterectomy in 2007. Have never had issues, the other day I had discharge. thought weird- but whatever. Today I have had discharge again. Not a lit, but I’ve never had any for 14 years!!! I have no uterus and only 1 ovary. I work at a chiro office and have had several patients get jab. weird coincidence or related?!!!!”

“The week after visiting my recently jabbed in laws (second dose) my uterus felt so heavy and congested. 4 days before my cycle was supposed to start I had breakthrough bleeding and spotting. When my actual cycle started I had horrible cramps and huge clots (requiring 4 cup changes in a day—usually just need 2). It lasted 2 extra days from normal. My ovulation pain also came 3 days early and was so bad I had to lie in bed with a heating pad. So bizarre.”

“My period has been starting 5-8 days before it is supposed to. It is heavier than it has been in my entire life and my symptoms (aches, lethargy, headaches) are also new additions that I’ve never experienced before. I have 2 kids, 2 years old and 5 months old. Also, I work in a school in NYS where almost everyone has gotten their two doses. I refuse and see the writing on the wall. All of these changes began for me in early March exactly when I returned to work after my maternity leave.”

“I’m a physical therapist and I work PRN in a hospital 2 days a week. I did not (& will not) get the jab. But so much has happened to me in the last few months after the large majority of hospital employees got the jab.
January – co-workers got 2nd jab…came to work sick the following day (seriously, they were ALL sick). Then I ended up with fever the next day.
February – got my first pp cycle back. Was 12m pp so I didn’t think anything of it.
March 24 – got my next cycle. On Friday the 26th I was bleeding very heavily. No clots, but I was emptying my menstrual cup every 1.5ish hours otherwise I was overflowing it. No cramps, just HEAVY.
April 9 – wake up around 3 or 4am with cramps. Able to somewhat doze through them but not sleeping well. By 6:30am I’m unable to sleep through them and doubled over in pain at times…like labor contractions. I NEVER have cramps when I’m on my period either. Talked to a midwife at my doctor’s office and she states it may be a cyst rupturing, just try to wait it out at home. I have no history of cysts. Around 4pm cramping started letting up and was tolerable. By the next morning no pain.
April 22 – woke up feeling “off.” That’s the only way I know how to describe it. Went to work at the hospital and by 10am I was needing to sit down every few minutes. Didn’t feel like I was going to pass out, just needed to sit. Nurses checked my vitals. Blood sugar and BP good but HR was 106 WHILE I WAS SITTING DOWN. When I would stand up it would jump to 130. I am physically fit and my normal resting HR is in the 60s. But I couldn’t even feel palpitations. They ended up running an EKG on me and it was normal.
April 23 – woke up to my period starting. Coincidence??? Idk. Because I work at the hospital and know people I also had a follow up with a cardiologist today. Another Normal EKG. He doesn’t think it is my heart causing the issue but said he thinks it’s something else metabolic and my heart is responding. Said his best guess without having test results back yet is thyroid or anemia. I have no history of problems with either. Waiting on blood work results. It all just seems so suspect with timing and reading all the other accounts. I also have 2 friends personally who have dealt with tachycardia right before the onset of their cycle or during their cycle in the last month or two.”

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