Charlie Warzel is a weenie

New Substack writer from the NYT’s wants to continue to censor Trump supporters on Social Media

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I am enjoying the new platform Substack and have followed several people in the past few weeks, set up my own platform, and subscribed to Bari Weiss and Glenn Greenwald just to have the joy of commenting on their work.

I follow several progressive journalists every day on Twitter even though I was recently suspended from Twitter. I enjoy reading lefty journalist Twitter because they are a fun little hive mind constantly linking to each others work. They spend quite a bit of time attempting to debunk various things that I am passionate about, like freebirth and parental sovereignty around health care and education.

Most of them have written an article or two or ten trying to debunk Q. Since I have been a passionate Q blogger these articles and the continuing efforts to paint those of us who followed the drops for three years as violent crazies constitutes much of my dedicated time on the web.

I was interviewed on the phone by Will Sommer a few months ago. He spent the whole time chewing in my ear, which I found to be annoying and really unprofessional. Last night I listened to his report on a podcast about attending the Faith and Freedom conference in Oaklahoma. He reported:

“[It was] sort of a confluence of COVID denialism, QAnon, evangelical Christianity, all this kind of stuff, gathering outside of Tulsa, 4,500 people,” Sommer told co-host Asawin Suebsaeng on this week’s episode of The Daily Beast’s Fever Dreams podcast. “They were ready to throw down and talk about how much they love both Trump and QAnon, no masks, [of course]… I didn’t see a single mask… I, too, had to go sans mask to fit in.”

There were, naturally, “a lot of people who are big deals in Trumpism. I mean, it was Lin Wood, and Michael Flynn, and Sidney Powell. Jim Caviezel, who you may remember from The Passion of the Christ,” Sommer said. “These were people who were fringe in a way, but who still have a lot of sway in the Republican Party… Look, the chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party was at this thing.”

I listened to the first twenty minutes of his Fever Dreams Podcast report to the other guys and it was really interesting hearing his take on what he experienced. As the guys on the cast tried to dismiss and mock what happened, Will kept explaining that five thousand cheering people were attending and they gave standing O’s to any mention of Q or Q issues like Child Trafficking.

Will wrongly talks about QAnon as if it is one entity. There was only Q and then thousands of Anons who engaged in a Socratic back and forth for three years in order to bypass the media gatekeepers, and then those of us who watched the exchange of information in real time. What Will did not theorize during the podcast was how many of us were watching the conference from home, very much aware of what was being said and discussed during Lin Woods Key notes and the casual drop about Adrenochrome by Jim Caviezel.

As Will discussed this particular part of the conference he and the guys he was talking to had a nervousness come into their voices as they were laughing and joking. I heard it and I bet you will hear it to if you listen to the podcast. Child Trafficking isn’t funny. And those of us who were watching from home were weeping, just thinking about the babes who are being saved right now by People like Tim Ballard and the people who are tied to Operation Underground Railroad, who Will also dissed during the podcast. You really can tell so much about a person based on who they hate and mock.

I was disgusted by the tone of the podcast and turned it off after listening for about twenty minutes.

Here is the trailer for the movie that Cazeviel is starring in.

And here is a chat with Tim Ballard himself with Jim. Why is the movie having a hard time being brought to the public?

What made the media go nuts last week was Jim mentioning Adrenochrome and how there would be no forgiveness for those who torture the little ones.

To be clear, there is a group of people who look at children and see food. And they think of babies as a source of energy for them. They will pay any amount of money to use the various products connected with dead children because they believe this is the way for them to experience longevity and health. Babies and children are also used as sacrifice during Satanic Rituals.

So, how does all of this connect to Charlie Warzel being a weenie?

In his recent substack post about censorship he asked if we could do better than simply deplatforming President Trump.

Putting my cards on the table, I think that Facebook is a better place without Donald Trump polluting it with garbage. After his election denial and the events of January 6th, I think there’s an extremely solid case for his permanent ban. But I also agree with Ovadya that we can have a more sophisticated conversation going forward around what we expect of world leaders online and how to make sure to hold them accountable before they destabilize our politics any further. Mostly though, I think conversations like this one are proof that we are still in the early days of understanding and governing the platforms. The limited array of enforcement options we have to balance speech and mitigate harms doesn’t feel adequate. I think we can, eventually, do better.

I responded to his post with this blog post and a short video heckling the crap out of him.

I said in the podcast that some of us have experienced the “friction” that comes with complete deplatforming up to and including having our voices permanently silenced because of being killed.

Charlie thinks the internet will be a better place if certain restrictions are put in place because he finds it a bit unnerving to have to move at the speed of Twitter. And we all know you cannot be a good reporter until the views you espouse have been poll tested and handed to you by your editor to maneuver into a readable article, which will then be massaged by your editor and viewed by a team of attorneys to make certain it is good enough for the Times. And that process takes a full seven days!

So how dare President Trump and his millions of supporters expect a professional like Charlie to have to keep his nose to the grindstone and be involved in real time politics the way that news junkies are. Don’t you know he needs time off to eat, drink, and be merry? And those gatekeeper editors need lots of time to figure out how to spin the news so that Charlie can write something great.

Sorry buddy, if you want to play on this playground you need to be up to speed on the issues of the day, with your opinions and thoughts all ready to roll or YOU will be steam rolled by the pace of the news business and the many nuances of indie journalism. Convincing people to eat their big bowl of blue pills every morning by not going down those Q rabbit holes while throwing rocks at Trump supporters is not going to be very popular, even for someone with your sterling resume’.

So stop being a weenie and encourage the social media companies to give all of us our channels back. I have been banned from Reddit, You Tube, Twitter, and Facebook. I would like to get my channels back. You could atone for your totalitarian instincts by working to help get my web footprint back. Then all Trump supporters and the big guy himself.

There are several million trafficked children who are going to need tender care in the coming months and years, we can all get around that and pitch in to help.

Jenny Marie Hatch

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