Arizona Audit update @JennyHatch

From Uncover DC

As reported by UncoverDC, Liz Harris has been heavily involved in a grassroots election integrity effort with her team of canvassers who went door to door to verify voters. Harris found material issues with the voter records and her efforts were part of the reason the audit has moved forward. She provided a preview update of the hearing on Tuesday.

Arizona State GOP Chairwoman speaks with audit director, Ken Bennett about the non-partisan audit below. Ken Bennett, who was the former Secretary of State, is the liaison for the full forensic audit.

Notably, in the hearing today, it was mentioned that the Democratic Party had declined to participate in the audit. Bennett confirms below that the Democratic Executive Director refused to be involved. Bennett says he “wants everyone involved in this.” He also said some individuals who vote Democrat have stepped up to help.

The audit can be viewed live by choosing the desired feed on the page link below:

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