Unmothering, the US Census, and Antinatalism @JennyHatch

Usually I enjoy reading Mona at the Feminist Giant. She is out kicking trash every day for women all around the world.

She is fearless about confronting injustices in places that few Americans even know about, much less think about. I subscribe to her Substack because I want to hear the stories of those who are suffering real aggression rather than the micro aggressions that American Women are always complaining about. I am an anti-feminist, but I recognize the contribution of the Emma Goldmans of our day and I thought Mona was one of them.

When I opened her recent email blast titled Unmothering, I was shocked to read the words that she had penned.

I am childfree by choice.

My paternal grandmother had eight children. My maternal grandmother had 11 children (she was pregnant 14 times). My mother is the eldest of those children and she has three children of her own. I am the eldest of those children and I am glad to have none of my own.

It is still a taboo to say that.

I vowed to myself at 16 that I would never allow myself to be in a situation that I could not walk away from. The year before, my family had moved to Saudi Arabia where, as soon as we moved there, I felt like I had been sentenced to a lifetime in prison. There, I was traumatized into feminism. There, I promised myself that I would always be free enough to be  able to walk away anytime because being in Saudi Arabia was so suffocating and stifling. Without actually saying “I’m never going to have children” — without thinking about children at all — I had already vowed to myself not to have children.

As I read her screed I felt this increasing sense of unreality. And as she finished with these complete contradictions, I just felt sad.

If I had a child, it would be a daughter so that I could tell her about my lovers. She would hate it, I am sure. But we would slay shame and taboos and I would kick her out into the world with the exhortation: LIVE.

So, because I am childfree by choice, I will instead tell my unmothered daughter about my lovers and we would slay shame and taboos in a book I am writing: Feminist Giant’s Guide To Losing Your Virginity.

If I had a daughter, I would have taught her to disobey everything I taught her. I wrote this poem for her.

To My Unborn Daughter

I would not have known how to love you.

I would have taught you to be too big to be a wife.

I would have taught you to disobey everything I taught you.

What could I teach you when I’m still unlearning everything I was taught?

The revolution came too late for you, my love;

I fight for your unborn daughter.

Mona and I are both fifty three years old. As I am looking forward to a small family gathering in a couple weeks where we will meet our new grandson, Mona is writing a book for girls to learn how to ruin their lives and any chance for permanent happiness.

Perhaps the truth is in her poem where if she taught her daughter to be sexually promiscuous, and then charged her with disobeying everything she had taught her, perhaps she really would want a daughter who knew better than to trade her body for money, status, war stories, or whatever token of bravery is the current wage being paid to feminist activists.

I am ALL IN with women taking control of their fertility, their lives, their hopes, dreams, and manifesting that reality with hard work and common sense, but I cannot go to the dark and dreary place where Mona appears to sit so comfortably and I would defy her at every turn if she were to attempt to come into my life and try to teach the women who I have gestated and nurtured into sexual deviants.

There is almost no happiness in the realm where she currently resides. And one day she will stand accountable before God for all of the young people she influenced and taught to cheat on their forever loves. When a person engages in sexual conduct with anyone to whom they are not legally and lawfully wedded, a series of tragic and horrifying events begin to happen. Sexual organs that are abused have a tendency to fill with cancer, shrivel up, and fall off the body. Mental Illness often accompanies these behaviors and the never ending circling of STD’s, unwanted pregnancies, and true loves betrayal begins to churn.

Mona, I want to call you to repentance. Repent of your sins, come unto Jesus Christ and be perfected in Him. Then make amends to the woman you have seduced with your awful ideas of what it means to be a woman and help them to hold on to their virginity as the most precious and sacred possession they own.

If you teach them to fling it away into the darkness, the pool of endless torment waiting for you in the afterlife just grows bigger.  You can find peace in this life with repentance. But there will be no peace for you now or forever if you persist in teaching this evil to the young people in your sphere of influence.

When the census came out last month there were a series of articles lamenting the demographics of birth, which is in steep decline in America.

While the left tends to blame this on a lack of Euro style social programs, I always look to the birth machine as the culprit. Birth in America is so overpriced and crazy dangerous, that it is a wonder our moms and babes do as well as they do. Economics are a huge factor in whey young people are not having babies.  Many of them are infertile and desperate to have a child.  And others are so freaked out with the idea of climate change that they believe it is selfish to give a child life.

When thinking about the long term ramifications of the decline of the west because we are not reproducing ourselves, I think about those activists who in the early part of the twentieth century determined that babies needed to be culled from society. These Eugenists set out to make parenting as expensive, difficult, fraught with danger and difficulty and something only rich people could do.

The work on my blog is dedicated to teaching couples the skills they will need and the lifestyle they can choose to live if they want to raise a healthy family on one income.

I pray as the Antinatalists and feminists continue to attempt to brainwash our children, that those who are wise will stand up to the lies and nonsense and gift our young people, especially our daughters with the pathway to happiness which is most likely to be achieved by getting married and having a family.

How many women out there right now would gladly hand in their PhD for a houseful of children?

Jenny Marie Hatch PhDMH



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