Gary Thompson presentation on Critical Race Theory (Agenda) COMPLETE VIDEO @JennyHatch

Click HERE to watch the highlight reel of Dr. Thompsons excellent presentation, edited by me with permission.

Gary Thompson‘s presentation on Critical Race Theory (Agenda) unedited: Part 1:

Dr. Gary Thompson Part 1 Unedited

Part 2:

Dr. Gary Thompson Part 2 Unedited

Part 3:

Dr. Gary Thompson Part 3 Unedited

I watched this last night and was so touched by the presentation, I knew this one needed to be preserved in a blog post instead of lost in a four hour You Tube compilation!

Jenny Marie Hatch

Complete Broadcast:

I will be editing out the technical difficulties for the blog version of this excellent talk.

Here was Dr. Thompsons takeaway:

I’m 1500 miles away from all of you and my wife and kids in Tennessee, and it when I heard that the house and senate passed a overwhelming resolution against CRT, I have to admit that it choked me up a bit.

….add in talking about my recently deceased father and his legacy of “non-victim hood” which he passed down to his children, I was a emotional mess in front of 6-700 parents, media, and lawmakers out here.

I literally felt my dad right there beside me the entire presentation. On to South Carolina tomorrow to participate in a CRT panel, and to be filmed for the USPIE documentary.

I think I’ve done what my my dad and God wanted me to do, despite my hesitation and utter contempt for Utah politics.

I got more out this than anyone.

It was nice hook up with my father again.

I could also feel the support from all of you. Thank you.

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