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Dr.Gary Thompson interview with John Johnson

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An open letter from Dr. Gary Thompson

Dear Community & Neighbors:

I have been flooded with requests to share the video of the mini town hall meeting that I was invited to speak at in Murray regarding Critical Race Theory.

It was a pretty powerful and intimate meeting. I was emotionally and intellectually drained for three days after I went home to my family. I knew this was going to be different when I looked into the eyes of many of my white neighbors and fellow parents and saw fear and sadness. It became my sole goal at that moment to assist with eliminating that fear, as well as to provide some level of hope.

My COO Brook Wardle has the tape, and over the next few weeks we will be working on editing the tape and releasing many clips of the meeting.

Releasing the whole tape in its entirety is not a option due to the extreme level of intimacy and subject matters that were based on my family history and legacy. I also went after BLM hard. Real hard. Perhaps in hindsight? Too hard. 😉

That’s a legacy that mainstream media and progressive trolls on Facebook/Twitter will never have the opportunity to mock or re-edit to suit their nefarious purposes.

In the meantime, I suggest that you hear Kate Daley’s national radio interview she did with me last month on the same subject. (Someone told me a few weeks ago that it got over 10 million views.). I don’t have the link right now, but it’s easy to find via Google.

One national radio interview….one national tv interview….and one town hall meeting. I put myself out there and laid it all on the line. As such, I really don’t feel the need to make the public appearance rounds of your local school boards, the State Board, the Tribune, and especially, our newly woke (and filled with “white guilt”) Republican lawmakers and Governor regarding this subject matter.

It would destroy my family. It would emotionally destroy me. That’s not gonna happen.

I brought the proverbial horse to the water at great risk, but I’m afraid that it is now your turn to drink it and then rise up against this garbage with every ounce of your being.

This WILL destroy your community.

This will break apart many families.

This will emotionally harm your vulnerable children on more levels than I can write at the moment.

Being the expert of your child takes a lot of “stones”, and can be frightening….but please believe me when I tell you that it is worth the journey.

God bless all of you parental rock stars.

“Parents are, and must always be, the resident experts of their own children.”

Best regards;

Gary Thompson, Psy.D.

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