Father’s Day Facebook Chat

I had a chat on Facebook with a few friends that I want to preserve here on my blog, just in case my account gets pulled again. My comments are italicized.

Usually on Fathers day weekend I write an ode to my husband Paul. He is my best friend and I love him dearly.

But since my dad died this past year, I thought it would be better to talk about him.

I watched his funeral video for the second time a few days ago and as I observed my siblings attempt to convince each other and a chapel full of mormons that he was god incarnate, I was reminded of the religion started in the Enders Game series that revolved around a person showing up at a funeral and speaking the truth about the person who died.

I have been threatened that I will be in big trouble if I speak openly about my Dads many sexual assaults on me. But I am so past living in fear of what my siblings have cooked up for me in a master file that has been gathered to prove to others that I am insane and suffering from “false memory syndrome”.

It is ironic to me that as I have healed, the Holy Spirit has guided me to remember the good things that resulted from growing up in my parents home.

And I have attempted to be in a place of graditude that I was taught the gospel of Jesus Christ, I was taught to love music and dance and live performances. I was taught to cook and bake with whole foods and garden and how to live frugally and providently. I was taught to serve and to find joy in serving my family and I was taught that allopathic medicine has its limitations and real lasting healing is to be found in nutrition and alternative healing.

I have no hope of reconciling with my mother or anyone in my extended family. I often feel that they would all be happy if I was dead.

I have no plans to exit mortality early but I would like to state publicly that if you think you were also molested or raped in the Tripp home by my Dad, I am prepared to support and believe you. When I consider the many slumber parties I hosted and the access he had to so many dear friends, I just shudder with horror.

Please feel free to contact me privately if you need support.

Jenny Marie Hatch

Jenny…I want you to know that I support you. Although I was a part of your family growing up..I personally never witnessed anything inappropriate.

I do believe ad we are part of a great awakening and disclosure of so many things that we think we know…our paradigm is about to change.

MKUltra is real and many more will come to the truth of how we have all been affected by it. I also believe as the scriptures state that all churches in the latter days will be corrupt. To think that LDS members think that excluded our church is absurd and do not understand the scriptures…and a reckoning is coming.

We know this to be true. I stand firm in my relationship with my Father, Mother and Jesus Christ and only trust them. I will never trust in the arm of the flesh. We put ourselves in great danger if we do. There are many who are being awakened …and they will need support when they do! Love you Renny! 🙂

Kimberly Measel Thanks Kim! That means so much to me. My Dad was the quintessential molester. Friendliest guy in the room, charming, and gregarious. I am grateful Heavenly Father is the one who gets to judge and not me.

I believe there is a Satanic cult that was operating in the Bloomfield Hills Stake in Michigan. And I believe many of us who grew up in that stake were traumatized by it.

Jenny Marie Hatch Are you familiar with Jessie Czebotar? She grew up in a satanic family and was high up in the echelons but found Jesus at an early age and teaches really about him and how He rescues but more importantly how we deal with Lucifer in our life. I like to know what we are up against and more importantly how to combat him. I have learned never to dismiss anything!!

Kimberly Measel

I have never heard of Jessie, but I am friends with Fiona Barnett, Sarah Ruth Ashcraft (who also grew up in the Detroit area), and I read LDS member Anne Johnsons Davis book:

I also have read the Pace Memo:


I don’t know what to say. My heart goes out to you bc of the molestation you endured at the hands of the first person in the world that should have protected you, at least.

I also know the heartache of having your family turn on you and make you the goat. I’m your eternal and loyal friend, and I believe you. I feel such a big love for you bc of our common trials and bc you have suffered such loss. 😘 xo

Juliette Hummer Langston

Thankyou Juliette! For twenty long years since my brother died of an opioid overdose, I have been mostly silent because of a threat of a lawsuit if I spoke publicly.

I have personally confronted my family in a variety of ways as the years have passed, ALWAYS hoping that the perpetrators would confess and repent.

I made the phone call to the police that sent one of them to jail. This put a chill over my extended family and the relationships began to start fraying.

I have worked diligently, mostly on my own, to heal from the many rapes. But I also worked with gifted therapists and awesome Bishops and Stake Presidents, who offered perfect and timely support, which continues on today.

I have been hospitalized four times. Twice during my 21st year for post partum psychosis and suicidal depression and again in 2001 when my brother died and my repressed memories began to surface.

I was hospitalized in 2012 again for suicidal overwhelm.

This experience heralded the beginning of my healing from Satanic Ritual Abuse, for me the most difficult to reconcile and accept.

I have been ministered to by angels and have had scores of priesthood blessings.

I give Father in Heaven all of the glory for healing me.

Jenny Marie Hatch Yes, praise to Him.

How many you’ve helped on the road to healing by sharing this. Bless you, Jenny. You are very brave and wise.

Julie Beal

I have had tremendous support from fellow SRA survivors. My friend Fiona Barnett lived through the horror of reconciling Satanic Abuse and wrote a “How to Heal” book.

I interviewed her: https://jennyhatch.com/2019/11/29/jenny-hatch-podcast-interview-with-fiona-barnett-healing-sraabuse/

And her book is available on Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/Eyes-Wide-Open-Authentic-Barnett-ebook/dp/B08P9WPD3D

Thank you, Jenny. I’ll listen. ❤️

Julie Beal

Here is Fionas own documentary:

Love you Jenny

Lauren Brooks

I love you too Lauren.

When you visited me that day in 2012 at Centennial Peaks, I felt like a living angel had stopped by to minister to me.

I will never forget it.

Bless you for your kindness and friendship.

Jenny you are a woman of incredible courage and faith!

Brian-Leslie Crosland Merkley

Thankyou Leslie. I like to believe I have finally worked through the worst of it.

Unfortunately rape victims tend to set themselves up for reconciliation abuse to help process what happened when we were children. So I had a second layer of abuse that revolved around the family trauma that showed up in various areas of my life.

I believe this layering was the reason it has taken twenty years to slowly and gradually heal. I also gave birth to Ben during this time and have been busy raising him.

When I was in a hopeless suicidal state in 2001, Bens spirit visited me one day and he said, “You cannot kill yourself, I want you to be my mom.” He was born about ten months later.

Since that day he has continued to give me a reason to get out of bed every day. He moved into his own space with five other guys last week.

I was programmed to kill myself if it ever appeared that I was going to remember what they did to me.

The doctor I worked with in 2012 was highly educated on ritual abuse and mind control programming. My Bishop at the time was also able to offer crucial support.

He had grown up in a family that sheltered teens who had suffered ritual abuse, so his depth of understanding was unbelievable.

I believe in miracles and hevenly father has always put people in my path who offered something to my healing process.

Here is a post I wrote about a movie that saved my life:


Love you!

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