Nutrition is the key to a healthy baby

I am eating Vegan these days, but I used the Brewer diet to help me craft my three sons.

I still ate mostly vegetarian and even vegan at certain points in their gestations, but found it nearly impossible to breastfeed while eating raw vegan. Animal foods definitely helped up my protein and calories.

I hope each mother will prayerfully consider her diet while partnering with Heavenly Father to engage in the most creative act known to humanity!

While I was tandem nursing my two oldest sons I determined that if we could have afforded a personal shopper and chef I could have probably eaten vegan if all I had to do was eat and breastfeed all day long.

But because I had all of my mom chores of laundry, cooking, and dishes, a child in elementary school, and two wild toddlers… eating the animal foods filled me up quicker during a time when I was eating between four and five thousand calories a day and averaging 150 to 170 grams of protein per day.

Andrew doubled his 11 pound birthweight in three months, and was such a happy baby, even with Jeff nursing too.

Some of my most joyful memories as a mother are my boys holding hands while they breastfed together.

Now they are both college graduates, married, and Jeffy (featured as a toddler in my meme) is a new dad nurturing two of the most important people in my life.

Jenny Marie Hatch

I started eating this diet during my third childs pregnancy.

As I mastered the principles around this way of eating, each of my last three babies was healthier than the one before.

All good things tied to health revolve around purposeful kitchen work.

My friend Joy runs the best site on the internet to educate you about this diet that prevents toxemia.

You should be cautious about any healthcare professional who dismisses the Brewer Diet as pointless. There is a willful ignorance in certain obstetric and midwifery circles regarding the prevention of illnesses that prove deadly for both the Mother and the baby.

When I was expecting Jeff, who is featured in the photo above at age 2, I would grind whole grains fresh almost every day to bake our breadstuff. When the wheat grinder would kick on he would begin to dance in my womb anticipating the yummy food on its way.

I breastfed him for three years and he has grown to be a powerful and mighty man filled with robust health.

Here is a tutorial video that quickly explains how twenty minutes of kitchen work in the mornings sets the foundation for a day of healthy family eating!

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