Childbirth Education

I attended the training for becoming an Amani childbirth educator in March and then took a break from my studies to focus on family matters.

Our youngest son graduated from high school and moved into a townhouse with five other guys close to his work in Louisville and my daughter Shelly moved back home.

We also enjoyed a wonderful family reunion with all five of our children, their spouses, and our two grandchildren. We were able to meet our new grandson for the first time.

My husband Paul has been ill and I have been distracted by his issues, but now feel ready to move back into my training and finish up what I started.

I only have to review the two childbirth books I have been reading, take my final exam, and teach one couple provisionally and then I will be certified again as a Doula and CBE.

I am really excited to get back more fully into birth work.

We worked as childbirth educators for eight years at the beginning of our marriage, teaching couples who wanted to learn how to give birth without drugs and surgical interventions.

A few of our students had home births and we enjoyed spending time and getting to know many people of different backgrounds and faiths.

Although Amani Birth is a Muslim focused curriculum, birth is birth and I found the teachings from the Koran in the workbook to be inspiring and informative.

I believe anyone who desires to have a baby naturally would be well prepared to give birth in any setting after taking this class.

If you know someone in Longmont who is expecting and looking for an independent natural childbirth class, Please pass along my contact information ( and let them know I will only be charging half price for this provisional class. ($200.00 instead of the full $400.00).

Jenny Marie Hatch

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