Clint Watts memoryholed my comments. Fortunately I saved them, anticipating his censorship. @JennyHatch

One of my deleted comments

I recently went to check if Clint had deleted more of my comments on his substack post about covid vaccines.

Not only did he completely gut my voice, he blocked me from commenting for a hundred years.

I laughed when Substack gave users the ability to block commenters within hours of the conversation tied to his post. Clint must have some pull with the higher ups at that site.

This video explains what happened on Clint Watts Substack from my perspective.

I was reading Brandy Zadrozny’s twitter and saw a link to a Substack article written by Clint Watts.

I read Brandy and a few other journalists every day because I like to follow the narratives that they are writing about since so much of their reporting touches on topics that are near and dear to my heart like homebirth, Q, and vaccines.

I have noticed that these journalists like to virtue signal to each other and spend quite a bit of time giving each other props on their writing and so called expertise on various issues like Q and President Trumps voters.

This past week they have all been chortling about the Covid vaccines and every time one of them gets the shot they shout it out like teen boys in the locker room sharing the loss of their virginity to the other guys.

On Friday Brandy shared the link from Clint’s substack and I clicked over to his twitter to read the piece and the comments attached to it.

On Twitter all of the comments were supportive and positive, not one dissenting comment in the bunch. Then on the Substack piece, same thing, all support, no ratio whatsoever.

On the web we have this joke about ratio. When someone shares an opinion on anything most will get a positive or a negative vibe that splits about fifty fifty. Whenever you see something with a one hundred percent positive ratio you can assume that some evil is afoot in terms of bots, fake comments, and manipulation of voices.

So often when commenting we will say things like, “I am just here for the ratio”. What that means is, we have stopped by to share a thumbs up or thumbs down but mostly we are there to watch the twitter debate in the comment section and are watching to see how it goes.

That was my attitude when I decided to chime in on Clints use of his daughter as a human shield during this particular final battle in the vaccine war.

The language he used in his piece was so over the top manipulative, it hit all the nodes for propaganda. And the comments were so universally one sided, I had to say something.

After I posted my first comment, (which was later deleted) I then decided to go learn more about Clint.

It was not surprising to me that he is at the heart of the Russian Collusion fraud that was perpetrated on the United States by Deep State actors. 

This level of duplicity and fake narrative is only now being completely obliterated by Bill Binney who has exposed the fact that Wikileaks did not hack into the DNC emails. 

It was Seth Rich who downloaded the DNC emails on a thumb drive and paid for that action with his life.

And what was on the thumb drive shared with Wikileaks and ultimately the world? Pedogate, Pizzagate, Spirit Cooking, Lies, Fraud, Cheating, Stealing, and all manner of “Being Drunken with Iniquity”.

The dates on the emails stop just about the time Seth was murdered in DC. Even DNC chair Donna Brazile was terrified they were going to come after her when it all went down and her friend Seth was murdered. She wrote about that in her book.

So if Clint is comfortable with being the face of Russian fakery and even wrote a book about it, why is it such a leap that he would delve into the whole vaccine war as if his whole life depended upon everyone getting vaccinated?

The number one thing the media gatekeepers are afraid of is losing status and power over the narrative. 

They admit this every day as they write and write and write. They can feel their influence and ability to control how people think just flitting away in the wind and it literally guts them.

The other side of the story is that the mockingbird media are puppets who are controlled by a very small group of gatekeepers and they are compelled to write what the slave drivers want or the journalists are tortured and killed (Or their loved ones die of weaponized cancer in two weeks). 

If Clint is one of these compromised individuals, then I believe it is also imperative that those of us who know the truth, must speak the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

I do not believe we should allow the big pharma funded news media to control us any longer. And the children who are being used as collateral damage in this war should be freed from getting any more shots, especially since it was probably the vaccines that gave them their disabilities in the first place.

Here are the screen grabs of most of my comments deleted from his Substack article. They are also embedded in my video above with more commentary.

I wish Clint Watts and his daughter well. I harbor no ill feelings towards them and only have hopes for continued growth and joy during their sojourn together as a family.

Jenny Marie Hatch

Archived blog post mentioning Dr. Fauci’s attack during the HPV rollout:

*Please note that years ago I mentioned the attack in several radio shows that were hacked and deleted from the internet. Leonard Horowitz and Barbara Hartwell can confirm I told them about it back in the day. My friend and activist partner Sherri Kane would also have confirmed but she died after years of deep state harassment and targeting.

Dr. Fauci is a demon. Wanted for Genocide.


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