Empty Nesters

It is official!

Everyone moved out and for approximately three days we had an empty nest.

Then our oldest daughter moved into Benjamins room and we have a fully grown roommate instead of a teenager in our home!

Ben usually shows up on the weekends and it has been so joyful watching him mature into his new life working a factory job and rooming with five other guys.

All five of our children have asked that I not over share their lives on my blog and social media and so I will not post too much more family content in this space.

I did want to give a shoutout about hitting this milestone though because it has been wild to watch our baby grow up.

Here are a few tweets encapsulating a musical theatre class that Ben made possible for me to teach. He lugged all the equipment into the school every week and helped me break it down and repack it into the car.

He participated as my assistant director, choreographer, tech, and was my male model for the universal costume that was required for the class. I paid him forty bucks to model our base costume and $10.00 an hour for the assistance to the class.

He played Lizard in Frog and Toad Kids and was just my all around support. Paul had just been let go from HP and taught homeschool that year, but our Friday morning class was a joyful time to share together.

When he came over this afternoon he shared a few new songs that have dropped recently from his favorite artists and we listened together. Then I shared a couple songs with him. Music is how we have always connected and I will always he grateful for it.

Jenny Marie Hatch

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