Come Thou Fount

My daughter Michelle recorded me singing Come Thou Fount back in August of 2008.

I sneezed right before she began taping and it gave her the giggles. During the song you can hear her trying to restrain her laugh as I sing.

I had a difficult time not busting up while singing and when it was finished we both burst out laughing.

These days I have the equipment to record myself singing and Sally DeFord has published her amazing accompaniment tracks online for free download. So I no longer have to use an accompanist when I rehearse.

I have worked with gifted pianists over the years and while grateful for the many hours of rehearsal they put in preparing to play while I sang, it is very freeing to be able to rehearse whenever I want.

Lately I have been singing for an hour in the mornings to give my vocal chords a good workout and then again in the evenings to practice my concert and my songs.

I am gearing up to audition for a music program at an excellent university. I promised myself I would finish what I began in 1986 at BYU where I studied Musical Theatre. Now that we are empty nesters it is time to go back to school.

I need a few audition recordings for my artistic application. So I recorded this recent version of Come Thou Fount tonight.

Jenny Marie Hatch

Here are a few more of my songs…

Pick a Little, Talk a Little

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