Unassisted Childbirth in the News!

Some Women Choose Unassisted Birth, Here’s Why

There are compelling reasons some mothers choose to have their babies at home without a midwife or doula.

Jennifer Margulis

September 13, 2021

Unassisted Birth

Unassisted childbirth, also known as free birth or sometimes do-it-yourself (DIY) birth, is when a mom or an expectant couple chooses to have a baby without the assistance of a doctor, a midwife, or any other professional birth attendant.

“Women who choose this route want to give birth in their own time and their own way, free from any government or insurance or hospital-imposed restrictions,” said Laura Shanley, 64, who has been an advocate for natural childbirth for more than 40 years. 

“Even most midwives have a list of requirements that they’re supposed to adhere to. Many states have restrictions on VBACs [vaginal birth after cesarean], multiples, or a breech birth. The midwife has to choose if she wants to answer to the woman or the state, and even the kindest, gentlest midwives will go against the mother or their own intuition because they’re afraid of losing their license or even going to jail.”

My comment on Jens article is quoted below.

We also gave birth alone…twice, and it has been the most empowering and solidifying thing we have ever done.

I had three hospital births (1 c section) and then these two homebirths.

All of my childrens birthdays were the happiest days of my life no matter how they were born.

Jenny Marie Hatch

Freebirthing: The women giving birth without medical help

Although it’s hard to gauge exactly how many of New Zealand’s home births (3.6 per cent of total births) are freebirths, Home Birth Aotearoa says the conversation around them has become “louder” and increased concern about the risks of birthing in hospital amid the pandemic has meant more interest in home births generally. But the practice is not supported by the professional bodies that represent New Zealand’s midwives and obstetricians who warn of unexpected emergencies.

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