On the Media totalitarians get a good smackdown by Perrino, Khalid, Strossen, and Taibbi

I loved listening to this podcast!

As a high censored blogger, it was joyful to hear these four people articulate the facts.

I always think of a certain scene from an old Mel Brooks movie when the topic of the gatekeepers of speech comes up. Here is a clip from the Free Speech Absolutism podcast, which is embedded below.

Along with former ACLU president Nadine Strossen, Carleton professor Amna Khalid, and “Mighty Ira” producer/co-director Nico Perrino, a response to a recent WNYC segment on “free speech absolutism”

I am someone who rarely listens to a whole podcast. But this morning I did listen to this one. The final segment really touched my heart.

As someone who is married to a white male and a mom who has three white male sons, it is refreshing to listen to a woman in higher ed who rejects the notion that dead white males are responsible for every conceivable ill known to man and loudly speaks the truth on that topic.

I love my husband and I adore my sons who are aged 18 to 27. As I daily observe them make difficult and controversial choices about how to engage with the world and negotiate the hellscape of post modernism and wave after noxious wave of feminism I am often stunned by how well they are managing in our current society that is so dismissive of the choices they have made to be productive members of society.

They want all of the good things in life. Love, Children, a good way to provide for their families, and the respect from peers who are also striving to be Christlike in their choices.

Smarter people than me have written about the War on Men in America. I have mostly observed the effects of it on those around me. The very real demoralization that occurs when little boys make the move to stand up in the world of men is a blight. But I believe if we consistently push back against the yowling young females in our midst who seem to delight in the destruction of the family, we can reach a sort of no mans land of consensus that the war needs to stop.

Here are two clips from the final segment of the podcast:

Here is Matts original piece criticizing the NPR nubes.

I love reading Matts stack because his commenters are as smart and thoughtful as he is.

Here are two of them…

Steve D.
4 hr ago

“NPR’s current target audience…clearly feels we’ve reached the blue-state version of the End of History.” As I read that I pictured a former friend as he lectured me on the historical certainty of white privilege, all the while employing that pained look progressives get when they know they’re communicating with the deaf and dumb.

Aug 31

It was pointed out to me recently that the gist of this movement, whether it be critical race theory or this anti-free speech brigade, is reactionary. They fully reject the Civil Rights Movement in favor of identity group segregation and go even further to assert that individual rights should be demoted below those of the collective or done away with altogether. 

This article cements that argument in my head. 

The Left supported free speech until they got what they wanted, institutional and cultural power. Now they want to do away with it because it threatens them. They will disguise their desire to do so with claims of “It’s to protect you!” but ultimately, it’s all about them and eliminating their opposition.

It should be pointed out that the “End of History” has been claimed before, usually with horrific results.

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