Resources for an Emergency Childbirth compiled by Jenny Marie Hatch

This list is by no means complete. But it is a great place to start. Good Luck and God Bless you and your family!

Jenny Marie Hatch

SPUN Diet Food Record (Basic Requirements) 

No calorie counters or protein counters required! Just one check-mark in each box!

This is the chart for the Basic Plan (see “Diet” page for portion sizes). If you are using one of the Vegetarian Plans or the Twin Plan, please use the specific chart for that plan. 

See here for portion sizes for the Basic Plan of the Brewer Diet

See here for the Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian Weekly Checklist

See here for the Vegan Vegetarian Weekly Checklist

See here for the Twin Weekly Checklist

If you check off each food every day, you will know that you have satisfied the Brewer minimum recommendation for 2600 calories, 80-120 grams protein, and salt-to-taste. Please check off only one box for each food (i.e. put a check mark in either “Milk” or “Protein” for a glass of milk, but not both)

Husband and Wife Birth Conference 2001

Elijah Birth E-Book

Freebirth Society

Online Birth Courses

Indie Birth

Freebirth Complete Guide

Amani Birth

The Bradley Method

Orgasmic Childbirth

Ancient Art Midwifery

Childbirth Educator and Family Birth Enthusiast Jenny Hatch compiled this list of supplies to enable families to easily find and purchase the supplies to enable a Family Centered Home Birth to go better.

Birth Pool

Obstetrical Kit

Cloth Diapers

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding Book

Rocking Chair with Cushion

Baby Nursing Pillow

Baby Sling

Baby Layette for Girls and Boys

A Self Reliance Educator, Jenny is a loud proponent of all couples learning the skills of Natural Childbirth, Breastfeeding, and Natural Family Living, she believes these simple supplies will enable couples everywhere to prepare for an Emergency Childbirth.

Her personal web blog is dedicated to Family Self Reliance and the Promotion of Family Birth in the home. Her company mission statement is: Heathy Families Make A Healthy World!

*Please note: I am not an Amazon affiliate. If you can get any of these supplies less expensively…DO IT!

Jenny Marie Hatch

Dr. Stu on Epidurals (Begins at 7:34)

Postpartum Doula Training and Preparation for a homebirth by Midwife Gloria Lemay

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