Hey CDC! Get your hands off – Pregnant Evie Mag writer scolds the feds-Show notes for Callin pod today

Pregnant writer Ashley St. Claires throwdown at Evie Mag is a MUST READ!

Jenny Marie Hatch

My interview with Dr. Leonard Horowitz describing his lawsuit against Pfizer and Moderna

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The media would like you to believe that people like my sister and I are uneducated outliers, radicals even, who are “anti-science.” The truth is that we are far from alone, and most pregnant women, over two-thirds, have not received the vaccine. As a result of this hesitancy, pregnant women have been unfairly targeted by the media and most recently, the CDC, which issued an “urgent” advisory for pregnant women to get vaccinated.

…The truth is, the companies and agencies pushing the vaccine on pregnant women have a long history of abusing their power and authority.

Pfizer alone once held the record for the “largest healthcare fraud settlement in history,” paying $2.3 billion for fraudulent marketing, which included “false claims to government health care programs” and “kickbacks to healthcare providers.” Yes, you read that right: The company that faced the largest criminal fine in history for fraudulent marketing to the United States government is now teaming up with the United States government to force their newest product into the arms of every single American.

…The cherry on top is that you cannot sue Pfizer or Moderna or Johnson & Johnson over any negative side effects of this vaccine.

In February 2021, the CDC and FDA themselves confirmed that 27% of all reports of adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine were pregnancy specific: miscarriage, preterm labor, spontaneous rupture of amniotic fluids, placental abruption, thrombosis, and many more, including stillbirth.

Many of these reports can be looked up by searching the VAERS database, which is the reporting system used to record adverse events relating to vaccines.

Despite adverse events on VAERS related to COVID-19 vaccines outnumbering any other vaccine in recorded history, the incestuous alliance of Big Pharma with federal regulatory agencies takes precedence over discretion in mandating decisions related to pregnant women and their babies.

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