All Good Things guest tonight!

A clip from the show, Jenny on how to read for free

I will be a guest on the All Good Things show on Callin tonight at 7:00 PM talking about books.

I met the hosts a few weeks ago when they were playing around with their first episode. We had a little chat about the app and judging a book by its cover.

I have decidedly strong feelings about literacy and put my thoughts into my book Uncommon Lore, education essays from the Homeschooling trenches

The podcasters wowed me with their show prep which they sent in an email today. It is below.

A quick overview of some questions we may be discussing so it may help for the episode.

I’m really excited to have you in!

Series of questions:

  • How important is reading for a human being?
  • Is reading a trait that everyone must develop? Do people typically become aware of what they are reading? (Subconscious reading from media platforms that affects our views)
  • How do you curate your reading habits? How do you make sure you are conscious about what you read?
  • How do you read to be alerted and aware of what you are reading?

Reading affecting our work/relationships:

  • Do you think your curated reads affect your interactions with others?
  • Do you ever get any biases against those that are not readers?
  • How do you define readers? Are they people that read a lot of books, news etc?
  • Do you think readers are more of an open minded people?
  • Can readers be completely blindsided and biased because they read something first and all of their other readings becomes biased based on their first read?
  • Do readers have a better life than non readers? (Subjective to what reader means, but what do you think?)

Come join us on the Callin app tonight at 7:00 pm Denver Time


Jenny Marie Hatch

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