New York Times reporting on Lyft driver Sexual Assault

This story hit me hard today.

Sometimes it is passenger on driver assault and this rendering by the NYT’s definitely implies the assaults were almost all driver on passenger crimes.

No amount of video surveillance is going to protect the driver from a passenger with a knife who forces them out of the car to a second enclosed location.

I was not surprised to see Lyft has been reluctant to share this data.

Drivers should be fully cognizant of the risks before signing up and recognize that getting in an enclosed space with a predator is incredibly dangerous.

Jenny Marie Hatch

From the article…

“More than 1,800 sexual assaults occurred during Lyft rides in 2019, the company said on Thursday in its first-ever safety report on sexual and physical assaults, fatal crashes and other serious incidents.

Lyft’s safety report had been long awaited in the ride-hailing industry, as the company is facing lawsuits from victims of sexual assaults that occurred during rides. It committed to releasing its sexual assault statistics in 2019, when Uber released a similar report.

“While safety incidents on our platform are incredibly rare, we realize that even one is too many,” Lyft’s head of policy development and research, Jennifer Brandenburger, said in a blog post on Thursday. “Behind every report is a real person and real experience.”

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