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I find myself spending way more time on Callin and Substack when I am online these days. 

Not that I don’t check in with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I do. But since my shadowbanning and deplatforming has been so intense these past few years and You Tube felt the need to put me on a seven day timeout this week for spreading so called disinformation about Covid vaccines, I am happy to have alternatives.

I signed up for President Trumps new social media platform Truth. But it was today reported the site was hacked the first day out by trolls who put a photo of pig excrement on the site. 

With the amount of money that has already been invested into this new social media site, you would think that Presient Trump would hire some IT people to set up firewalls and other protections from hackers before it rolls out.

Personally? I do not want to migrate to new apps and take the time to learn how to navigate. 

I am getting older and have spent so many hours mastering the apps that give me a bigger voice, that it has been somewhat demoralizing over the years to observe my content qualifies for seriously censorship.

I would prefer that the old sites of Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, You Tube, and Facebook simply be reformed to allow conservatives like me to openly engage.

And I would love to see Google allow content like mine to get a fair shake rather than be cloistered off to the dark corners of the web.

That being said, I am still grateful for the opportunity to share my content and more importantly, be given the chance to interact with fellow travelers without being unduly censored on Substack and Callin.

In 2005 when I began The Natural Family BLOG, I was surprised that it immediately garnered more traffic from the get go than my web site The Natural Family Company, which had been my home on the web since 2001.

Almost amazingly the ability to connect with my blog readers was messed with as those who commented had their words surrounded by the most disgusting pornography in auto generated comments that would show up every ten minutes, indicating an automated trolling operation in 2005. Web censorship around healthcare freedom has been a thing ever since I started blogging.

In the intervening years, trolling has become incredibly sophisticated and with the anonymity of the internet it has been so easy for bad actors to mess with open and honest dialog about health freedom on the web.

I was pleased to participate on a chat yesterday tied to a video produced by Matt Taibbi that was about as pleasant an interaction I have ever had on the web.

This video was a reading of an article he had published about the Bidens the day before.


TK News by Matt Taibbi“The Bidens”: Is the First Family Corrupt, or Merely Crazy?If you want insight into how challenging life has become for reporters in the Trump era, take a glance at the author’s note for The Bidens, the controversial new book about the president and his family by Politico reporter Ben Schreckinger. No journalism is apolitical, but Schreckinger’s approach to investigating the first family is as close as you’ll find in the “moral clarity” era to old-school aspirations to objectivity. This book initially won love…Read more3 days ago · 432 likes · 750 comments · Matt Taibbi

My comment

“I recently read Hunters biography. It was basically an ode to his big brother and a “let me explain to you all of the traumas that contributed to me being a crack head” book.

Beau Biden as AG of Deleware contributed to crooked Biden lore by having Larry Sinclair illegally arrested after his National Press Club presentation outing Barack Obama as a crack user.

The Obama administration attempted to shut down the presser before it even began and that was a first in the history of Freedom of the Press America.

I was the journalist who took the personal risk to have Larry on my show to explain all of the tactics that were used by the Obama administration to shut him down.

Eight years ago he agreed to come on my show and tell his story, which began with the Bidens attempts to shut him up.

Please note that I too have experienced the whistleblower attacks that are the main reason journalists are afraid to cover the Bidens.

Good work Matt and Co for taking them on. The truth will set all of us free.

Show Page from eight years ago: “

A Response

“Even given an extraordinarily low bar, there isn’t a person that’s been named in this comment thread who has less credibility than Larry Sinclair. I have to laugh when I consider that the jailhouse hoaxer is still clocking dollars for pandering to rubes seeking to have their fantasies stimulated.”

My Response

“Who do you think murdered Donald Young? And WHY was he murdered?

Larry knows and his book covers the whole story. You may not have heard of Larrys book because it was highly censored.

It is on Kindle now:

Joe Biden should personally release every non violent man and woman currently serving a prison term for drugs.

The drug addict does not need to be locked up. They need to be helped the way the Joe and his doctor wife tried to help their own son over the years.

My own brother died of a drug overdose in 2001.

Why did Hunter call himself the “bagman”?

And what is up with that weird tatoo on his back?”

A Response

“You’re supposed to support an accusation with factual evidence presented as statements, not innuendoes phrased as rhetorical questions.

I heard of Larry Sinclair long ago. I visited his webpage when he first published his book. His site had “Scam” written all over it. That was around 2009, iirc.”

And my final response to Mascot:

“It is a fact that Beau Biden illegally locked up Sinclair around his presser.

And as my radio show documents, Larry was subjected to the most heinous deep state tactics Obama and Bidens administration could cook up. (For definition of Deep State please review Taibbis article)

You know the truth. Why bother trying to continue killing the messenger?

Larry was vindicated when Parisis case was tossed:


“He also continues to stand by his primary charge against Obama.

“I know from personal experience that Obama lied when he said he had given up drugs in college, and I can attest in detail to the fact Obama engages in homosexual sex,” Sinclair said.

In addition, Sinclair says he believes that the murder of Donald Young – the homosexual choirmaster at Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago – was an attempt to protect Barack Obama’s secrets. Young was murdered shortly before the 2008 Iowa Caucus.”

I love President Trump because he is sober. He doesn’t even drink wine.

I do not want another crack head with their fingers on the nuclear codes.

Do not bother sharing any more proof. I know what MY FAMILY and I experienced because I took on this story in 2007.”

On the followup audio version of the Biden article I was able to share my heartfelt views and a thoughtful conversation followed. 


TK News by Matt TaibbiListen to This Article: “The Bidens”: Is the First Family Corrupt, or Merely Crazy?Listen now (30 min) | Politico reporter Ben Schreckinger’s new book is an equal opportunity offender that may push a reluctant national media to re-examine ugly questions about President Joe Biden. Read by Jared Moore Find us on Apple Podcasts:…Read more2 days ago · 98 likes · 15 comments · Matt Taibbi and Jared Moore

In the comment section I said this:

“I began reading Schreckinger’s book last night and this passage jumped out at me.

Biden lost his wife and daughter and then…

“Joe went through severe depression. The title of his memoir, Promises to Keep, is an allusion to Robert Frost’s 1923 poem, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.”

In it, the narrator pauses his journey on a cold winter’s night to entertain a temptation to wander off into a frozen forest.

It ends: The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.

The poem is widely interpreted to be about the contemplation of suicide. In the aftermath of the accident, Joe did consider killing himself.

“Suicide wasn’t just an option, but a rational option,” he wrote in the memoir. Instead, he decided he owed it to his sons to keep going.”

All of these broken people in leadership in our nation, traumetized, handled by the media, and their personal tragedies splayed on tv… milked for maximum effect.

I am all for Biden choosing to live for his sons.

But did the nation have to suffer all of the deep and dark dysfunction along with the grifters known as the Biden family?

Do we not have healthy and whole men and women in America who can step up and serve a few terms and then quietly go back home to their communities?

My prayer is that as Bidens crimes are more fully exposed, we will comfortable move away from career politicians to term limits and citizen representatives in state and national government.

The government we have now is the one the founders feared and wrote the United States Constitution to prevent.”

In response Brian said:

“This is a very insightful comment and touches on something I’ve been thinking about too. That being: the kind of people who desire to be in these positions of power and are willing to sacrifice everything for even the chance to get there are not the kind of people who society would want to be in leadership positions. I don’t know of a realistic, good solution though.”

And I replied to him:

I believe if we went back to the state legislatures choosing the Senators instead of the popular vote, the inevitable reform at the state level would be immediately recognized by everyone.

Most US citizens do not know that the founders believed it was important for legislatures to pick serious, thoughtful people for the Senate, NOT the people.

It was designed to prevent long term corruption and generational monarchical rule.

As we restore that simple remedy to the Constitution we could add that no children, grandchildren, relatives, etc of politicians be allowed to run for national office.

The wingnuts calling for Ivanka and Don jr to run are just old timey royalty worshippers. They should immigrate to England if they want heredity title.

We could also legislate that anyone like Ted Cruz or Barack Obama who state their intentions to be President publicly before the age of thirty-five should immediately be disqualified from running, especially if their status as freeborn American citizens is in question.

I am highly skeptical of any child who sets that particular goal and then spends their whole life doing whatever it takes to achieve it.

We want business people, esp small business owners, running the government.”

On Callin I have had several conversations with other podcasters that have been delightful.

Q and A with Jopa

Shark Tank Showcase

All Good Things Show

On Censorship

And last night the hosts on the All Good Things Show invited me on as a guest to talk about BOOKS! A favorite subject!!!

Click HERE to listen to a wonderful podcast chat.

And HERE is clip where I explain how to read for free on the internet.

Overall it was a satisfying week of web participation and I am so grateful to be back in places where I can actually talk to people without some Demon silencing my words. It has been a long, lonely night. Thanks to those who crafted these spaces.

Jenny Marie Hatch

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