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Greenwald on Callin!

Debut show last night.

I was thrilled to be one of those chosen to participate during the Q and A of Glenns first show. We talked about the Rittenhouse case.

The full show is hosted on Callin HERE.

Callin is the new app where my podcasts are hosted HERE.

This post is a copy of my Substack weekly newsletter.

I listened to Useful Idiots last night. And said this on Greenwalds stack.

“I am listening to Useful Idiots right now. Amazing that Taibbi called the Schiff people right after he read the dossier into the Congressional Record.

The plot thickens…

Healthcare workers are walking off the job this week, so if you are expecting a baby, my homebirth preparation page is a great place to begin when looking for solid information about Emergency Childbirth.

I found this video to be incredibly helpful to understand the Rittenhouse case.

My video of the week profiled the deep state demon Peter Strzok.

On my Callin show this week, Lynn Griesemer and I discussed the death of our friend David Shanley and shared the short history of the husband and wife homebirth movement.

Laura Shanley contacted me the next day with an update to our show.

“Thanks so much for acknowledging David (and me) in the podcast! I listened a little bit last night and will listen to the rest today. Just wanted to make one correction. 

David fell and went to the hospital because of his metabolic disorder. And the disorder is what the doctor said killed him. He did test positive for covid but the doctor said he would have died regardless of whether he had it or not. 

Because anyone who dies WITH covid has to be reported as a covid death, unfortunately it will have to be reported that way. But covid didn’t kill him. I just don’t want to add to the Hysteria.

Laura Shanley”

My favorite stack of the week was definitely this piece by Glenn Greenwald

Democrats Are Profoundly Committed to Criminal Justice Reform — For Everyone But Their Enemies

Principles of rehabilitative justice, reform of the carceral state, and liberalized criminal justice evaporate when Democrats demand harsh prison for their political adversaries.


So mainstream did these once-fringe criminal justice reform proposals become that large cities began presenting proposals or referenda to defund the police and replace it with “public safety” alternatives (in most liberal cities where these proposals were presented to residents, including Minneapolis, they were rejected, including with large oppositionfrom Black residents who, polling consistently shows, want the police in their communities). 

That the U.S. criminal justice system is far too punitive, thus becoming the largest prison state in the world by imposing far longer and harsher prison terms than most western or democratic countries, has been a long-standing view of criminal justice reform advocates (I wrote a 2011 book with that as one of its primary themes). 

But prior to the 2020 protest movement, that view had largely been confined to the fringes, rarely able to overtake the decades-old harsh law-and-order framework which the GOP began championing in the 1960s with Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon, joined in the 1990s by Democrats such as Bill Clinton and Joe Biden.

But after this 2020 protest movement, all of that changed. That radical reform was needed to both policing and the criminal justice system — to make the “carceral state” far less punitive and sprawling — became the mainstream view, practically the obligatory view, in Democratic Party politics…”

Yet a profound dilemma is visible from the momentum of this movement: a large bulk of liberal politics is driven by precisely the opposite impulses. The most loyal Democratic partisans are frequently venerating prosecutors, advocating for harsh criminal punishments, championing punitive theories of criminal law that have long been rejected by liberal jurists and, above all else, often demanding the longest and harshest punishments in “the carceral state” for a large group of people.

Why are so many Democrats simultaneously chanting radical criminal reform slogans to abolish or greatly reduce the police and the prison state while simultaneously demanding harsh prison terms for so many people under the classic law-and-order ideology they claim to oppose? 

The answer is clear: Democrats believe that the only real criminals, or at least the worst ones, are those who reject their political ideology and are their political adversaries. 

And thus, while they work with one hand to usher in radical reforms to the policing and prison state, they work with the other to concoct theories to justify the long-term imprisonment of their political opponents, even when their alleged crimes involve no violence.

This internal contradiction in Democratic politics was vividly illustrated by the fact that — though they will now deny it — the most revered and admired figure over the last five years in liberal politics was Robert Mueller, named in 2001 by George W. Bush to be FBI Director and then in 2017 by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to be Special Counsel investigating Russiagate. Liberals did not even bother hiding their glee at the prospect that Mueller was coming to arrest and imprison as many of their political adversaries as possible. 

They sung songs in his honor and danced to their fantasies about the next convictions. Every indictment was cheered, every prosecution applauded, every punishment lamented for being insufficiently harsh, as their favorite cable channels were filled to the brim with the very life-long federal prosecutors their ideology ostensibly opposed.”

It was an amazing week for real journalism and I could not be happier with the new platforms and apps like Substack and Callin to help get the truth out. 

Here is my Freedom Video to put a positive cap on the week.

I pray that Kyle is freed to move forward with his life and that he sues for defamation every media outlet who libeled and slandered him this past year.


Jenny Marie Hatch

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