Raspberry Jalepeno Jam

Yesterday I made some jam with my two favorite cooking ingredients.


2 bags organic frozen raspberries

4 small containers of fresh raspberries

2 cups turbinado sugar

2 finely diced jalepenos

Juice and zest from 2 organic lemons

Pinch salt

I cooked the frozen raspberries on the stove until they were boiling then added the sugar and stirred until the sugar disolved.

Then I turned down the heat and threw in the fresh raspberries. I let them simmer on low while I cored, seeded, and diced the jalepenos.

I added the diced peppers, pinch of salt and lemon juice and zest to the mix and pulled it off the stove to cool.

This batch filled three pint jars and the half pint jelly jar above. When I scraped the pan I had another half cup that I ate with some toast.

So far we have enjoyed it with grilled cheese sandwiches on Pauls home made Kamut bread, a topping for granola/greek yogurt parfait, and I toseed it with our salad greens for last nights supper.

So yummy and just the right amount of kick!

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