Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving current events video HERE!

We have two of our children joining us today. I love any excuse to pull out our wedding china.

When my husband and I married in 1988 a couple of boxes of our wedding gifts, including the china, were stashed in his parents basement in Utah.

Over the years we would take a trip home for family gatherings and would search for the lost china. Nobody could find it.

When we moved into Pauls ancestral home in 2012, my children were searching around the storage room one day and found a big box hidden away behind all sorts of food storage. They opened it up and lo and behold?

The wedding china!

I was so excited. It was like getting married all over again. My favorite color is blue and when Paul served his mission in Holland in the 70’s he bought a big box of delft blue vases and platters for his future wife.

I was eleven when he served his mission so the dutch swag had to sit for years before he was able to gift me with his beautiful purchases. Those vases have been in storage for over ten years now because I have not had a proper shelf to display them on while we have sojourned in the wilderness of life.

But I have had my china now for almost ten years and we really enjoy the table when it is all decked out.

I hope you and yours are enjoying this wonderful day of Thanksgiving and Gladness. I am grateful that we taught our children to cook because when Michelle asked if she could cook the Turkey this year, I wholeheartedly agreed. She also made sourdough Kamut bread and whole wheat ginger cookies for dessert.

All I have contributed this year so far is to set the table. I also plan to wash all of the dishes, which I am happy to do because I can do it from my wheelchair.


Jenny Marie Hatch

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