In Trump Time by Peter Navarro – A Review by Jenny Marie Hatch

Here is the 5 star review I just left on Amazon.

I am confused by Navarro and President Trumps continual talk of how quickly and effectively the Covid Vaccine was manufactured with their help and has appeared to work, saving millions of lives etc, but then this morning on Warroom with Bannon, Navarro pulled back a bit and talked about the Myocarditis in boys as a problematic side effect from the vaccines.

Then he said we need to focus on therapeutics and flooding the zone with more drugs and nutrients, while reserving the vaccine for the elderly and those like me who are disabled.

What “we the people” want gone are the MANDATES!

Even though I suffer with chronic hypoxia, asthma, excema, and anaphylaxis my own family doc would not give me a medical exemption.

I would like to know WHO could qualify for this exemption if not someone like me who is on oxygen 24/7.

In his book Emerging Viruses Dr. Leonard Horowitz proved that all of the emerging viruses have been crafted by mad scientists in a lab. Why has Dr. Horowitz not been invited in to speak to congress about what he knows?

Why is it left to Citizen Journalists to do this work of interviewing this man who is respected around the globe for what he has contributed to humanity?

Waiting… Patiently.

Jenny Marie Hatch

I interviewed Dr. Leonard Horowitz on the day the Pfizer vaccine became available for American Citizens. Here is a clip from that interview.

And the whole show is embedded below.

Click to listen to Jenny interview Dr. Horowitz

My Callin Show Sunday Night will be a LIVE discussion about Navarros book.

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