Husband and Wife Home Birth Chat Episode 12 – Book Club


Someone was messing with my phone during this show.

The sound either went out or was fumbled when I talked about:

1. The Newsweek writer who gloated about stealing the election from President Trump.

2. President Clinton invited the Chinese in to look at our military instalations at the end of his presidency.

My work has been heavily censored for years. The sound issues were not on the Callin app. I believe somebody was messing with my phone.

Jenny Marie Hatch

Original Post

Book Club Edition!


Participants are asked to read a few chapters from at least one of these books before calling in live to the show.

Slides used for todays quotes:

Show Page on my Blog:

We will be chatting about several books tonight.

Peter Navarros Book In Trump Time

Now available on Kindle


Jennys Book for Dads

Now available on Kindle for $.99

Robert Kennedy Jr. Book on Dr. Fauci

Now available on Kindle

Robert Kennedy Jr was interviewed about his book and you can watch the interview HERE:

Peter Schweizers book Profiles in Corruption

Lynn Griesemers book Unassisted Homebirth

Pick a Little, Talk a Little

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