Dr. Robert Malone warns parents

“Sharing scientific truth and countering the disinformation being pushed by these organizations and Pharma sycophants is more than a full time job. The good news is that more and more information warriors are joining us, and so the hard work is being shouldered by a growing army of truth-tellersthat have overcome their fear.”

Robert Malone MD

“Many months ago, Jill and I decided to dedicate our lives to protecting children from this insane propaganda campaign to mandate jabbing children with an unlicensed medical product that causes hospitalized myocarditis in one out of every 2,700 treated boys in order to protect octogenarians from a disease that healthy kids shrug off like a modest cold virus.

Odd that it is often octogenarianpoliticians and “health leaders” (Dr. Fauci, I am looking at you) who seem to think that this is a good time to start forcing children to sacrifice their health to protect the old. And I am not going to slow down in pursuing this mission now that we seem to be making some modest headway despite the massive array of forces deployed against us.

Make no mistake, this is 21st century media warfare, and we are fighting against horizontally integrated corporate-sponsored Global Tyranny.

This is likely to be the first skirmish in what will be a long war, and we are outgunned and out capitalized by far. Fortunately, here in good-old USA, we have the example, lessons learned and wisdom of a little guerrilla revolution from a few centuries ago that threw off another form of Global Tyranny driven by the madness of King George.

There are many parallels.

And much to be remembered and re-learned from the revolutionary citizen-politician leaders of those days. And we also have the truth as our armor and shield. “The Science” is clearly on our side. Jabbing the kids with these genetic Spike vaccines is madness.”

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