Vege Burger Recipe

I cooked a cup of Anasazi beans in the crock pot on low for two days. I added in a cup of brown basmati rice on day two.

We ate this as a soup for several meals and then bottled the last two cups of rice and beans and put it in the fridge.

Tonight I drained the liquid from the beans and added 1/2 cup of white flour, salt, pepper, and tumeric and then used a potato masher to mix it all together.

I added in about a cup of frozen riced cauliflower with carrots and peas. The remainder of the bag of cauliflower I cooked up as a side dish.

I scooped the bean mix into a cast iron pan and fried the patties in avocado oil. Then served on a seeded bun with lettuce, cheese, pickles etc…

The burgers were delicious!

Jenny Marie Hatch

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