No More Secrets

This is the police file that compelled David Leavitt to hold his press conference.

Eight witness statements are embedded below as PDF files. As I have reviewed all of the documents, I believe these victim statements are the most important to read.

This LINK will take you to the video files tied to the Provo Police investigation.

The link is only good until June 20th and then some other brave soul will need to attach their name to a FOIA request which in Utah is called a GRAMA request.

May a million journalists flood the department with these requests. Break the Matrix!

Jenny Marie Hatch

UPDATE June 22nd

I uploaded all of the video files to my dropbox. Please help crowdsource the vids by downloading, republishing, and deconstructing the videos on your own platforms.

There is simply too much data for one journalist to sift through. We need thousands of people writing stories about this case.



I have crafted a thread on twitter sharing all of the stories I have found on the Utah Ritual Abuse story. And I have made the commitment to cover this story daily on my Substack. All of my Substack content is free for a day or so after posting, but then it goes behind the paywall.

Victim Statement #1

Victim Statement #2

Victim Statement #3

Victim Statement #4

Victim Statement #5

Victim Statement #6

Victim Statement #7

Victim Statement #8

Satanic Endowment and Sealing


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