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“Unless we put Medical Freedom in the Constitution, the time will come when Medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others: The Constitution of this Republic should make a special privilege for Medical Freedom as well as religious freedom.”

Dr. Benjamin Rush, signer of the Declaration of Independence Dr. Rush is considered the Father of Modern Psychiatry.  While I agree with his famous quote about Medical Freedom, it is Ironic that he is also considered the founder of a movement that enslaves just about everyone who touches it.

Paul Hatch and Jenny Tripp engaged in December of 1987


I have been researching and making plans for this Blog for some time now, and decided it would probably be helpful for you the reader to understand up front that I do have an agenda. So, I thought I would take the time in this first big post to outline my goals for this effort, and also give you a sense of my writing style so you don’t have to waste one minute of your time trying to figure me out.

First Goal

My first goal is to inspire as many people as possible to give birth at home. Robert Mendelsohn said in his book, Confessions of a Medical Heretic that the most “revolutionary” thing you can do is to fall in love, get married, and birth your children at home. I didn’t really understand what he meant by that statement when I read it for the first time sixteen years ago, but as the years have passed, I have come to agree with his analysis, and hope that something I write along the lines of this thought will inspire you to give birth in your own home.

I pray that by reading this blog you will be inspired to get more fully into Natural Family Living. I would like to encourage you to take full responsibility, first and foremost, for your own health and well being. And I would like to challenge you to take more responsibility for the health of your family.

Second Goal

Introduction to the Natural Family BLOG Podcast read by Jenny Hatch part one of two

Introduction to the Natural Family BLOG Podcast read by Jenny Hatch part two of two

My second goal is to challenge you Politically. I know that many American women feel drawn toLiberalism, and vote Democratic. It was said that the reason Bill Clinton, a known sex offender, was elected twice to the presidency was largely because of women voters. I think A good place to start when learning the facts about Bill Clinton would be to read this excellent new book, Their Lives, The women targeted by the Clinton machine by Candice Jackson.

Paul and Jenny Hatch Family at the Nauvoo Temple 2003

I would like to use this Blog to encourage you the reader to go far beyond the warm fuzzy “I feel your pain” side of the Democratic Party and take a hard look at what it exactly stands for. I would like to use any powers of persuasion I posses to challenge you to move confidently into the neo-con side of the Republican Party.

(*Note: while I comfortably called myself a Neo Conservative for many years, and today still believe we who live in freedom in the west have a moral obligation to promote freedom all across the globe, as I have witnessed the excesses of never ending war, I am much more comfortable aligning  with President Trumps America First stance. In 2009 I was one of the founding mothers of the Tea Party and registered Libertarian after the shoddy treatment of the Ron Paul delegates at the Republican National Convention. With the rise of the Intellectual Dark Web and reconfiguring of definitions, I claim now to simply be a classical liberal who loves the Constitution and Western Civilization. This book provides some serious food for thought on Neoconservatism. Insertion by JMH April 2019)

I plan to share a variety of resources , links, and editorials written by some of the finest writers and thinkers of our generation in the coming months and years to educate you on why I believe it is imperative that we mothers understand these issues clearly so that when we vote, we know exactly the long term effects of our political choices.

My Political History

I would like to give you a little background so you can understand clearly why I put myself comfortably into the Neo Con Camp.

I grew up in a very politically aware home. My parents are passionate conservatives. My Dad is a Patriot and his hero is George Washington. My parents took the time to teach all eight of us children the principles of freedom and used whatever means at their disposal to testify and share their belief that America was unique, and expose us to the wonderful history of The United States. This was profoundly important at the time, because my parents were completely clueless about what was happening in our Michigan Public schools during the 70′s and 80′s, where we were being systematically indoctrinated in Socialism and Marxism at every juncture.

Paul and Shelly 1990

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints it is part of our theology that we as citizens of any particular country be politically involved, aware, and vote. The church has never told us whom to vote for, it simply encourages awareness of the issues and to be a full participant.

My parents took this seriously and so I had the fabulous example of them carefully studying the issues and voting in each election. Additionally, I grew up in Michigan where some members of our Detroit Congregation were very politically involved. George Romney, yes that is Mitt’s Dad (Romney in 08!!!) was our governor. Later a close family friend, Richard Headlee ran for Governor in 82. I worked on his campaign and because his youngest daughter was my best friend, was invited to stay at the hotel with the family the night of the election and watched all of the election return excitement first hand. This political activism as a young woman was crucial in shaping my thinking and making politics real and touchable. I became convinced early that the most important thing I could do was to educate myself on the issues, vote, and be involved to help elect my candidates and fight for the issues important to me.

When I was in high school my Dad started watching a new cable channel, C-Span. He and I would discuss politics while watching C-Span in the evenings and he would explain to me how important it was to listen to the politicians first hand, instead of getting a 30 second sound bite on the evening news. Later during the early years of our marriage I became a C-span junkie. During political elections and other busy political seasons, I would watch for hours every day. As soon as we hooked up to the web at home, I made the gradual transformation so many conservatives have made of getting my news from talk radio and the Conservative Chronicle to eventually getting 95% of my news from Blogs and all of my favorite on-line News Sites. I think Matt Drudge still has the best site on the web. Now I only turn on the Evening news when I am curious to see how they are spinning things. It always gives me a good chuckle. My long time favorite writers include Phyllis Schlafly and Thomas Sowell. Ann Coulter has been a favorite for years, and lately Mark Steyn consistently comes out on top in terms of analysis and humor.

Paul Hatch Family one week after Benjamin was born in 2002

I consider myself a Neo-Con for the simple reason that in the past I have been both of the L words. I was a Liberal for three months during a period of teenage angst and crisis when I was fifteen. Then I went through a latency phase of not really caring about politics. A young man whom I admired was going through his Ayn Rand phase and encouraged me to read The Fountainhead (Thanks Glenn!).


Jenny Hatch 1985

I was eighteen, just about to graduate from High School, and had been accepted to BYU. I planned to leave home six days after my graduation and attend summer school to get a jump on my College Degree. A few weeks before graduation, I noticed a copy of The Fountainhead in my home room teachers lending library and inhaled it in a weeks time. When I returned the book to this same teacher, informing her that it was one of the best books I had ever read, she took one look at it, then smiled at me, and said, “Well, that fits”. I suppose I was already showing some early signs of Libertarian thought and behavior.

More Political Biography

After I skipped through the world of Howard Roark, I borrowed/stole my mothers copy of Atlas Shrugged, packed my bags for BYU and left home for the first time. Thus began myLibertarianphase which lasted a few years and was an important period during my political evolution. Libertarian ideals and thought did not translate into voting for the libertarian candidates – I have always voted for Republicans, but I was highly influenced by Rands World as outlined in her books, which in case you were unaware, her Objectivist philosophy laid the foundation for the Libertarian party.

Paul with Ben 2003

It is difficult for me to describe the impact those book’s had on me and my thinking. Especially since I had just finished up thirteen years of Marxist thought where we studied the Communist Manifesto more than the Constitution during my public school incarceration. It was this clarifying of exactly how Socialism works in reality in Atlas Shrugged that was so profoundly important to my young mind. I read the book twice that summer of 86 and copied favorite quotes into my journal. Later I read Anthem, We the Living, and a biography of Ayn.

BYU is a conservative mecca, but I just happened to room with a Canadian self-declared “card carrying member of the Socialist party” for 11 months. I grew to love my room mate for her good qualities and still have fond memories of our time together, but her political views and absolute hate of Reagan really made for some interesting conversations. I didn’t know enough at that point to truly defend my then developing political world view, but I am so grateful to Heather for her passion, and her clarity on what she stood for, because even though we had nothing in common politically, she stretched me, and helped me to understand how politically aware Canadians are and made me aware of how much people from other countries carefully follow American Politics.

I hardly knew who the head of state was in Canada, much less how Canadians voted or behaved politically. Living in the same room with her for all those months was a profound education in how people outside of America felt about us. I also was able to observe first hand the impact that higher education has on the views and attitudes of those who have been systematically brainwashed in Marxism and taught that Capitalism is evil. I believe the Canadians have carried these efforts to an art form in terms of the passionate leftist views of the majority of Canadians I have met. (Mark Steyn is of course the great exception to this rule!) I also had been brainwashed in these same studies, but for me they did not stick because of the excellent home education I received from my parents during the hours I was not in school.

Paul, Jenny, and Benjamin with Grandmas and Grandpa Hatch

Much was happening in the world of politics during 1986 and 87, but I spent those years completely cut off from the media while I wrapped myself up in my studies. As a Musical Theatre Major, I was very busy with rehearsals, auditions, and performances on top of my regular classes, and I just did not have time for following politics and being politically active. I didn’t watch television, and read no news magazines, and although I read the Daily Campus paper (and the underground campus paper), I was really isolated in terms of media exposure.

In the summer of 1987 I auditioned for a summer stock theater in West Yellowstone Montana and was chosen as one of the cast of sixteen to perform eight shows a week at the Playmill Theatre . This Company plays mostly to the many tourists who flock to Yellowstone Park during the summer months. Again, I was completely isolated politically and had four months of no media contact. I reveled in the life of the actor, and although very busy with my performances and part time jobs as a maid and a seamstress, I still found the time to read dozens of books that summer. I read The Book of Mormon, and dove once again into The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. I also stretched my brain by reading the Dancing Wu Li Masters and Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance, . (These books are must reads for any college freshman!)

I spent much time dreaming and planning for my future as an actor – I believed that with an Equity card and a BYU degree , Broadway was definitely a possibility. I mapped out the steps that would need to happen in order for me to accomplish these goals in the shortest time possible. During the summer, I made the decision to go home to Detroit for a semester to work as a waitress in order to get to know my family again, and to have a wad of cash to see me through a full year of school with no summer breaks.

Three weeks after I came home I met my husband.


Jenny and Paul Hatch December 2007

I guess the easiest way to outline the next part of my life is to simply say that it is now 2005 – we have been happily married for seventeen plus years, have five kids, are both passionate conservative republicans, I am a committed stay at home mother, and no, I never made it to Broadway. But I have dreams of going back to the theater and being a character actor when I am a grandma.

New Directions

A few days after our first anniversary we went through an experience which has shaped our politics and changed our world view in profound and lasting ways. I wrote my first book, A Mothers Journey to give all the details of this experience.

But to summarize, three months after the birth of our first baby I experienced a Post Partum Psychosis. (Check out this site for the most cutting edge research that has been conducted in the field of post partum emotional illness)

Then I spent two years in varying shades of emotional illness.

Benjamin Playing at Chatauqua Park in Boulder

I was forced to experience the full range of psychiatric care available in the late 80′s because of a court order. During one of the worst moments of my incarceration at the Michigan State Mental Hospital (Clinton Valley Center in Pontiac), a few days before I was to go before the judge for my final “treatment orders” I found myself locked in a seclusion room singing patriotic hymns at the top of my lungs. “Land of the Free, and the home of the brave!…., My Country tis of thee, sweet land of LIBERTY, and America, America….God shed his grace on thee!”

I knew that I was fighting a losing battle, and that I would probably be forced against my will to take the medications. I had been fighting the staff for 28 days not to take medications because I wanted to continue to breast feed my daughter and did not want to have to stop in order to go on Lithium. As I sang those songs of Freedom, I felt a solidarity with anyone who had been locked up for any reason and forced to do something they were determined not to do.

Jenny Hatch after 2 Years of “Treatment” by Psychiatry

But the judge court ordered me to take the drugs and I submitted to the long arm of the law. This was a life changing experience for me. I completely support the efforts of all of the Psychiatric survivors and would challenge you the reader to seriously consider the implications of how much power the psychiatric profession possesses. Especially if you are a person of faith and believe in the supernatural world, by current psychiatric definitions, if you believe in personal revelation, being prompted by the still small voice of the Holy Ghost, and are open to the idea of angels ministering in our world, by definition you are a psychotic in need of “treatment”.

Some of these beliefs, especially personal revelation through the gift and power of the Holy Ghost- which is a cornerstone of Mormon doctrine – were used against me by the main doctor who diagnosed me, to justify forced treatment. He told me that my belief in personal revelation was evidence that I had been mentally ill my whole life, but was only now showing the outward signs of it. The police in my home town had picked me up in my underwear. In a psychotic state, I had been singing hymns on a sidewalk and had cast Satan out of the world so the millennium could start.

Ben Hatch Age 2

After fourteen months of being forcibly drugged, I found a psychiatrist who was willing to help me wean off of the chemical cocktail I had been court ordered to eat. This doctor saved my life (thank you Elaine!), with her compassion and competence. After stopping the meds I began the slow process of learning how to be well. Part of that learning was to figure out how the medical profession had garnered so much power. Enough power to keep me locked up for six weeks against my will and then force me to take their dope.

I believed then and I STILL believe that 95% of the cause of me going psychotic when my daughter was three months old was simply from sleep deprivation. Dr. Ann Blake Tracy

helps to shatter the conventional wisdom that giving psychiatric drugs to sleep deprived mothers who are in a psychotic state is the best course of action. It is in fact the absolute worst thing that can happen to a mother if the heart of her mental illness is in fact sleep deprivation. And I believe it is the reason why I fought so hard not to take the drugs when they were being forced on me. I eventually went to court and lost after a 28 day battle of wills not to take the drugs.

Why Medical Freedom?

I began reading books, many, many books. Books and articles on politics, freedom, government, the history of the medical profession, and the relationships that exist between the Pharmaceutical companies and government. Peter Breggin’s books have been the most helpful to me. ReadingTalking back to Prozac was the first step to getting off the meds and started me down the path to learning how to be well. My local pharmacist who had been dispensing the anti-depressant to me recommended that book to me.

Baking Cookies 2004

My personal experience has fueled this quest to learn for myself the bitter truth about psychiatry better than any casual or passive perusal of the topic ever could have. Without that up front and in person view of the tortured world of the psyche patient, and the experiences I had during my various lockups, I never would have considered taking the time or putting out the energy to learn the facts.

From this education, which continues today, I have developed a deep loathing for the monopoly the Allopathic model of Medicine currently enjoys in our world, especially in America.

In 1989 I was trained and Certified as A Bradley Childbirth Teacher and began teaching Childbirth Classes in my home. From 1989 to 1996 I had a profound education in the politics of Childbirth. During that time I also gave birth to three more children and enjoyed the association and friendship with fellow childbirth educators, childbirth pioneers, authors, and activists.

I have researched the medical monopoly, especially in regards to psychiatric care and birth and have come to believe that some major monopolies need to be broken up. I believe Benjamin Rush was quite prophetic when he claimed the day would come when we would need medical freedom guaranteed by our constitution. I don’t know when, how, or IF this is possible given the current political climate. But I for one plan to spend the rest of my days working diligently for a Medical Freedom Amendment to the Constitution to be ratified.

When one considers the taxpayer money that has been infused into this one branch of healing. The dollars spent on research, funding of institutions, suppression of competing healing modalities, and the socialized aspects of medicine with Medicare and the healthcare offered by the Military, it befuddles the mind to consider the outlay of cash that We the People have been forced to put out to prop up this medical monopoly that is currently enjoyed by the Allopathic Model.

But we were warned.

A Prophets Warning

John in the book of revelations warned about the power of the “sorceries” in the last days. He said: By Thy Soceries Were All Nations Deceived.

It is interesting to note that the Strongs Exhaustive Concordance claims that the greek word 5331 pharmakeia from 5332 means medication – (pharmacy) and pharmakeus from pharmakon, (a drug i.e. spell giving potion): means a druggist (Pharmacist’) or poisoner i.e. (by extension) a magician.

Websters New Collegiate Dictionary definitions for relevant words include:

“Pharmaceutical…From Greek Pharmakeutikos…a medicinal drug.”

“Pharmaco…Greek pharmako…from pharmakon…medicine : drug”

“Pharmacology…the science of drugs.”

“Pharmacy…from Greek Pharmakeia…the art or practice of preparing, preserving, compounding, and dispensing drugs…a place where medicines are compounded or dispensed…drugstore.”

By Strong’s definition the word sorceries could be describing pharmaceuticals dispensed by pharmacists.

The word sorceries in the following verse, is the king James Version translation of the greek word pharmakeia.

Revelations 18:21-23

“And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.

22 And the voice of harpers, and musicians, and of pipers, and trumpeters, shall be heard no more at all in thee; and no craftsman, of whatsoever craft he be, shall be found any more in thee, and the sound of a millstone shall be heard no more at all in thee.

23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee; for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; For by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.”

How was it possible for one method of healing to grasp so much power? Especially in the fields of Obstetrics and Psychiatry? The story is long and painful to read. But the bottom line is that we the people have been sold a chemical mess of pottage in exchange for our birthright of empowered healthy living.

The Prophet Daniel

I have an interpretation of scripture that I have never read anywhere else, and have really never shared in any public forum. I cover this topic in depth in my book Elijah Birth, but here is a short synopsis shared for you to ponder as I have for the past ten years.

I believe what needs to happen in the future in order for us to break free of the current medical bondage we find ourselves in, and I would like to offer the idea that most people do not even consider the Allopathic Model of health care as being a form of bondage, is that we first need to come to an understanding that medical birth and psychiatric care have become so distantly removed from what is natural and normal, we have easily come to fulfill the prophet Daniel’s prophecy wherein he claimed a “little horn” would make war with the saints…

Daniel 7:18-28

“But the saints of the most High shall take the kingdom, and possess the kingdom for ever, even for ever and ever.

Then I would know the truth of the fourth beast, which was diverse from all the others, exceeding dreadful, whose teeth were of iron, and his nails of brass; which devoured, brake in pieces and stamped the residue with his feet;

And of the ten horns that were in his head, and of the other which came up, and before whom three fell; even of that horn that had eyes, and a mouth that spake very great things, whose look was more stout than his fellows.

I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them.

Until the Ancient of Days came, and judgement was given to the saints of the most High; and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom.

This he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces.

And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise; and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings.

And he shall speak great words against the most high, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws; and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

But the judgement shall sit, and they shall take away his dominion, to consume and destroy it unto the end.

And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him.

Hitherto is the end of the matter. As for me Daniel, my cogitations much troubled me, and my countenance changed in me: but I kept the matter in my heart.”

Do I believe the Medical Profession is the “Little Horn” that is making war with the Saints, befuddling natural laws, stamping residue with his feet, and seeking to change times and seasons??? Yes I do. Over the years I have read many interpretations of these scriptures in Daniel and Revelations, and I believe the Medical Profession and all of its supporting sub corporations fit perfectly. Listen to this next chapter of Daniel….What and WHO do you think he is describing?

Daniel 8:19-27

“And he said, Behold, I will make thee know what shall be “in the last end of the indignation: for at the time appointed the end shall be.

The ram which thou sawest having two horns are the Kings of Media and Persia.

And the rough goat is the king of Grecia: and the great horn that is between his eyes is the first King.

Now that being broken, whereas four stood up for it, four kingdoms shall stand up out of the nation, but not in his power.

And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.

And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power; and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practise, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people.

And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many; he shall also stand up against the prince of Princes; but he shall be broken without hand.

And the vision of the evening and the morning which was told is true; wherefore shut thou up the vision; for it shall be for many days.

And I Daniel fainted, and was sick certain days; afterward I rose up, and did the king’s business; and I was astonished at the vision, but none understood it.”

I would suppose that many who read this, especially my LDS brothers and sisters who have such faith in Medicine, might become quite angry at this interpretation of scripture. And I have read many interpretations of this passage. The most common being that the ten horns are the European Union. But you know what? The European “union” is busting up even as I write. I have read other interpretations, but none of them really fit the imagery of the passage.

I believe we need to get out of the hole we have been thrust into and consider that instead of political parties, governments, or countries, the ten horns are multinational corporations reaping a bounteous harvest off the of the ignorance and trust of individual families because of our willingness to march lockstep in obedience to the prescribing of doctors and the pharmaceutical companies that give them their marching orders.

I would ask you to pause for just a minute. Ponder what I am suggesting, and pray over it for a little while. My goal with this blog is to offer up the idea that perhaps this scripture is in fact describing the world wide medical monopoly. And if it is not….then what entity in our world could Daniel be Describing?

The thing is, it fits…like a glove. And while the profession may be peopled by some of the most wonderful, caring, and competent individuals on the planet, and I believe that to be the case, the fact of the matter is, the tremendous harm that has resulted to families because of the practice of medicine, well, let’s use his imagery… “devoured, brake in pieces and stamped the residue with his feet”

Consider that our sisters around the world have c-section rates much higher than here in America, (Brazil generally being accepted as having the highest rate), and even we are fast approaching the 30% mark for Cesareans, with some analysts claiming we may double those rates by the next generation. Do we honestly believe all of these millions of surgeries are from medical need and necessity? What is the cost in terms of prematurity, recovery, death, and financial burden on families for all of these surgeries? What is the impact on marriages? Did you know that in the sixties, if an American Hospital’s C-section rate went over 5% (that’s five percent!) an internal inquiry was held to discover why the rate was so high?

What has changed in the last 40 years that has all of a sudden caused mother’s wombs to become so inefficient that they need to be cut open in order for the baby to be born? Some claim that all of those women and babies were saved from certain death, and supposed uterine prolapse, and incontinence by the surgery. Sometimes I have had people share various statistics, quotes, and other “evidence” that if only our poor ignorant ancestors had access to medical care, they would have been so much better off.

I have thought about these arguments for years and have come up with a “test” for you to take. If birth was so inherently dangerous, how is it that our ancestors were able to give birth to eight, ten, twelve, fifteen babies without modern medicine? If birth was so dangerous, how did those mothers make it through birth number one, much less birth number fourteen?

I would like you to take some time to do a study on your own family. Go into any geneological database and type in your own name. Then go back five or six generations in your own family. Go down each and every line and just look at your own family history. My guess is that you will see mothers giving birth to baby after baby after baby without prenatal care, without modern medicine, without c-sections, and without birth control. Women’s bodies are designed to give birth without drugs and surgery.

Sometimes babies died. I believe this was and is more tied to inadequate nutrition, the elements, war, societal instability, and families being on the move than it was to inherent reproductive inadequacy or inability to give birth to healthy children. When mothers live quietly, safely, with access to plenty of fresh food and water, amazing things happen in terms of the number of children born and the overall health of those children.

Hatch Children at Pearl Street Mall in 1997

A great place and time to research healthy birth would be in the late 1800′s in northern Utah and Idaho. These mostly Mormon rural mothers did not smoke or drink, they lived moral lives and they birthed huge healthy families with very little prenatal care, and often just the help of a midwife or two during the home birth. These are the statistics we should be studying to learn what is “normal” and “healthy” in birth. What is often flung at home birthing families in terms of statistics is hospital birth stats taken during the industrial revolution either in London or New York. The fact that hospitals at the time only catered to the poor and that those impoverished souls suffered greatly for quality food and the basic necessities of life should make those stats completely null and void when learning what are the normal death rates for mothers and babies during childbirth. The fact is that in healthy women, chances are about 5% that problems will crop up during a home birth.

My guess is that the Prophet Daniel saw all of the families of the earth going to the hospital to either give birth, or have the baby aborted away, or in the less free cultures, mothers forcibly sterilized or given forced abortions. I believe he saw mothers locked up in mental hospitals being forcibly drugged and electro shocked. I believe he saw women using the pill, fathers getting vasectomies, and children being kept for weeks and months in NICU’s.

He was so troubled by what he saw that he fainted.

I must admit, I have felt faint at times, considering the reality of the numbers. It is mind boggling. When I think of Daniel’s pictoral of “stamping the residue with his feet”, I’m thinking of the babies who do make it through the birthing process, despite numerous drugs and procedures who then have the formula companies waiting in the wings, and more vaccinations that we have diseases, and then go through life being pummeled by drugs and toxic chemicals in the home and environment, and finally, when old age comes, the most noxious forms of medicine being given and surgeries performed at tremendous cost to the family and society, often days or weeks before the person dies.

Could his description of changing times and seasons be tied to babies being artificially induced and our elderly grandparents lives being artificially extended for a few more days or weeks? I believe they could be.

I believe it is helpful for couples to understand what doctors are being taught in medical school about those of us who have a desire for unmedicated deliveries.

Doctors are taught in the 2nd edition 1965 – Medical, Surgical, and Gynecological Complications of Pregnancy which is still much in use that assertive women are “dangerous”.

“Those patients who consider themselves ‘socially aware’ …are not necessarily more mature but are trying, by their active interest in everything ‘avant garde’ socially as well as medically, to persuade themselves and others that they are…This is the patient who is interested in such methods as ‘natural childbirth,’ hypnosis, or using childbirth as an ‘experience.’ The intensity of the demands of the occasional woman who is fanatical in her zeal for ‘natural childbirth’…and her uncompromising attitude on the subject are danger signals, frequently indicating severe psychopathology…A patient of this sort is not a candidate for natural childbirth, and requires close and constant psychiatric support.”


Hugh Hewitt claims in his book Blog that the Reformation came about largely from the invention of the printing press. It did, but it was those martyrs willing to take the fruits of the printing press, most notably the scriptures, and share them with the common men and women who made the invention of the printing press effective. These truth warriors who fought and died for the right to own and memorize scripture laid the foundation for the Enlightenment that followed the Reformation. Like the Waldensians of old, and the greatest reformer of all, John Wycliffe, who died fighting for the truth, I believe individual families have the power to break down the Monopoly of Allopathic Medicine simply by walking away from it, and being willing to live with the consequences of that action.

What are those consequences? For our family the consequences have not been too harsh as we have lived in a home birth mecca here in Boulder Colorado, but I believe it would be naive to think that families who give birth at home do not have any negative results. The point of focus for the past two hundred years, at least in America, and lately around the world, has been on the midwives. Shutting them down, putting them out of practice, and in more extreme instances, in jail.

But as the powers that be realize the scope and power of the Freebirth movement, I predict that they will attempt to intimidate individual families. The homeschooling movement in America has an interesting history. The pioneers of the 60′s and 70′s had some truly harrowing experiences as they attempted to free their children from the Marxist wasteland and teach them some truth (and how to read!). Like these pioneering parents, who have largely had great success in education, I predict that the Unassisted Childbirth movement will grow exponentially as the truth about medical birth becomes more available to the average consumer and parents refuse to cave to the pressure to spend the money for mothers and babies to be cut away from each other.

I also predict that as soon as the Medical Profession perceives that our movement is strong enough that we are depriving them of money, the backlash to our efforts will be immediate and harsh. I believe an all out war against Freebirth will be declared and carried out in the Media, in the chat rooms, in the Blogs, and on the front lines in communities as the Social Workers, Police, and Medical Workers realize that a growing group of families are unwilling to purchase what the doctors have to sell. The term “Medical Neglect” should have chilling sensations associated with it. At least for me it does.

However, because birth is a life or death matter for both the mother and the baby, the emotions tied to this movement are going to be heightened to a much higher degree than the homeschooling movement ever was. Home Educators simply wanted to “teach” their own children, and while this has had a devastating impact on the monopoly of the educrats and their socialistic vision for America, the birth wars are going to be some of the most vicious battles of the new millennium.

George Lucas had it right when he claimed the most compelling seduction for a man was the fear of his wife dying in childbirth (See Star Wars Episode three). To avoid the possibility of this happening, most men have willingly and gratefully paid thousands – in order to have the assurance that the lover, best friend, and companion will never die while walking through the valley of the shadow of death to bring a child into the world. I wrote my book Elijah Birth specifically for husbands to help them hash through all of the issues and hopefully come to a place where they feel more comfortable with home birth. You men may never feel completely comfortable with it and that is OK. But if you are married to a woman who is determined not to suffer the indignity of being drugged senseless and then cut to pieces while she births your child, perhaps reading this book, or one like it, will help you to feel better about her passion for home birth.

What have been the costs for the family because couples have been willing to give in to the seduction of trading birth security for birth freedom? I suppose only individual couples can start to calculate the pros and cons of that decision. And in order to do so, most couples have to step back and spend some quality time pondering just exactly what happened during previous births.

For some this is impossible as the traumas surrounding the births have been so extreme they are suffering from post traumatic stress and don’t remember anything about it. For others who are operating on a more conscious level the answer is for one or both spouses to be sterilized, in order not to have anything that horrific happen again.

Some mothers just refuse to have sex ever again, or abort the rest of their children. I read of one Christian father, who upon hearing of his wife’s conception, personally drove her down to the abortion clinic to assure that she would not have to endure the abomination of medical childbirth again.

Some birth traumetized couples move into homosexuality – it seemingly solves many problems – the mother or father can be in a sexual relationship, but never have to worry about a baby being produced. I have known men so freaked out by watching their wives hospital births they cannot engage in any sexual conduct whatsoever.

Whatever the consequences of medical childbirth, the fact is that for many families the fallout is devastating and real.


Here is a story about a group of people who were willing to die in the pursuit of truth. It inspired me and I hope it inspires you. Please compare the church of old to the church of modern medicine today as you read… (casting pearls before swine indeed)

In the book How we got the Bible, by Lenet Hadley Read a group of people called Waldensians formed in Europe. The story begins on page 52.

“The spread of Christianity to lands such as England proved in time to be one of the greatest challenges to the Roman church. The Greek church had continued its belief that knowledge was essential to salvation; therefore, when peoples in other cultures were converted, translations were made into their language- such as Russian and Bulgarian. The Roman church, on the other hand, did not encourage vernacular translations, even though the Latin Vulgate had itself been a translation into a language spoken by the people- before time and changing language had turned it into a “sacred language” used only in church services.

In fact, during the time of Pope Gregory VII (A.D. 1073-85) a policy against translations took shape. In a struggle with the Greek church for influence in certain disputed territories, Gregory saw that promoting reliance upon Latin in these areas was to the Roman church’s political advantage. He also decided that it would be advantageous to create a sharper distinction between laity and clergy. The clergy thus became the teachers of the church, while the laity became receivers only. “From Pope Gregory’s time onwards, asserts one scholar, orthodox prejudice against lay knowledge of the Bible text hardened”.

Consequently, the stage was set for one of the greatest dramas in the history of man- the struggle over vernacular translations between a few courageous individuals and the inquisition that swept Europe during the last centuries of the middle ages. In the earliest battles, the weight of advantage went definitely to the Inquisition.

Sometime during the 1170′s in southern France, one of the first skirmishes of this battle was enacted. According to one account, it began this way: “A certain rich man of the city [Lyons], called Waldo, was curious when he heard the gospel read [in Latin] since he was not much lettered, to know what was said. Wherefore, he made a pact with certain priests, the one that he should translate to him the Bible; the other that he should write as the first dictated. Which they did; and in like manner many books of the Bible…which when the said citizen had often read and learned by heart, he…sold all his goods and despising the world, he gave all his money to the poor, and usurped the apostolic office by preaching the gospel, and those things which he had learned by heart.

Waldo’s preaching among the people consisted mostly of reciting passages from the scriptures in the common tongue. Evidently he did not set out with the intent to oppose the church, but merely to enlighten the people. As eyewitness at the Lateran Council of 1179 wrote of Waldo’s initial attempts to get church approval for his activities- and of the church’s negative reaction: “We saw the Waldensians [supporters of Waldo] at the council celebrated at Rome under pope Alexander III. They were simple and illiterate men…and they presented to the lord pope a book written in the French tongue, in which were contained a text and gloss on the psalter, and on very many other books of both testaments. These besought with great urgency that authority to preach should be confirmed to them, for they thought themselves expert, when they were scarcely learned at all.”

The writer then voices feelings that became entrenched as argument against giving scriptures to the common man; “In every small point of the sacred page, so many meanings fly on the wings of virtue, such stores of wealth are accumulated that only he can fully exhaust them whom God has inspired. Shall not therefore the Word given to the unlearned be as Pearls before swine, when we know them to be fitted neither to receive it, nor to give out what they have received? Away with this idea, and let it be rooted out. The ointment ran down from the head, even to the skirts of his clothing; waters flow from the spring, not from the mud of public ways.”

But the Waldesians were not easily dissuaded from seeking scriptural knowledge. Like their peers, they were not “lettered” nor had they access to many copies of scripture, but they overcame this obstacle by memorizing surprising lengths of scripture when they were given the opportunity.

The Waldensians suffered because of their desire for knowledge. They were tried by the Inquisition, excommunicated, imprisoned, and burned as heretics. Their books were banned- and when found, burned. At their trials and in the tracts written against them, their great “crime” as stated was that they “translated the New and Old Testament into the vulgar tongue and this they teach and learn. For I have heard and seen a certain unlettered countryman who used to recite Job word for word, and many others who knew the whole New Testament perfectly.

“All men and women, cease not to teach and learn, night and day. The workman, who toils by day, learn or teaches at night…They teach and learn without books…and even in Leper houses…To those who excuse themselves, saying they cannot learn, they say; ‘learn only one word a day, and in a year’s time you will learn three hundred, and thus you will grow proficient.”

In spite of attempts to stifle it, the Waldesian movement and others similar to it, spread into neighboring Italy and Spain. And upon their heels followed official pronouncements against their work – banning the preaching, reading, memorizing, or even possessing of scriptures. Penalties for disobedience were extremely severe. According to one inquisitor general’s record in an area near Toulouse, France, 930 sentences against heretics were pronounced during a period of fifteen years, and 114 heretics were destroyed by Flames.

But even as the inquisition tried to stamp out the Waldensian movement in France, Italy, and Spain, the hunger for scripture cropped up elsewhere, this time in England and Germany. The movement in England began in the mid-1300s. Unlike the Waldensian movement, which was begun by those totally outside the church’s power structure (though some clergy later joined it), the English movement was spearheaded by one of the most prominent and respected scholars and clergymen of his age – John Wycliffe.”

How we Got the Bible by, Lenet HadleyRead – PP 52-55 from the Chapter Glimmers of Light in Darkness C1985 – Deseret Book Company

I love reading the story of these commoners who were willing to die in order to learn some scripture by heart. Like these early Christians modern families need to understand that the power structures currently in place have the ability to control certain aspects of our lives that if we are rebellious and disobedient to current medical dogma, can lead to us losing certain precious freedoms and the rights of self determination. Families have had children taken away, lives ruined, and mothers and babies have been forced to have various medical procedures performed on them all in the name of “good medical care” when an obstetrician decided it was time for the baby to be born, or the mother to be sectioned, or the baby to be incarcerated in the NICU.

I want to challenge you who are reading this that like the Waldesians of old, we should take upon ourselves the risk and the challenge of learning for ourselves how to create healthy babies, birth them at home, and create a wonderful life for ourselves and our families completely cut off from the medical model of health care. Why? Because like the church during the years of the inquisition, we have a group of professionals who have set themselves up as the only way or means of making a healthy child. The fact that no Allopathic Doctor is educated in Prenatal Nutrition is enough of a reason for parents to become educated in learning for themselves the facts about how to build a healthy baby.

The absolute best way to learn these principles is to eat the Brewer Pregnancy Diet every day for healthy pregnancy. If you read no other book, put out no other effort as a mother, it will be the absolute best investment of your time, talents, and energy as a woman attempting to create a beautiful life for yourself and your family. Nutrition is the key that will open the lock to a healthy baby.

Everyone always says that a healthy baby is all that matters. Why don’t you and your family take personal responsibility to learn for yourself the facts of what makes for a healthy baby and pregnancy? When you pay an Obstetrician, who like the priests of hold stands up as a barrier between the consumer and the truth, who has absolutely zero education in these principles and has only been taught the drug and surgical interventions that can be utilized when nutritional deficiencies leave a woman prone to Toxemia, etc.., you miss a tremendous opportunity to grow and like the Waldensians of old, learn the truth for yourself. When parents forego the nutrition information and disease results, the mounting bills can quickly devastate even the most prudent home budget.

Ignorance of proper nutritional needs during pregnancy creates a domino effect that can take a whole family down. The physical, emotional, and financial devastation is real. But if you do not take the time and effort to do this, and persist in the sick co-dependant situation that currently is manifested in the prenatal care of our Obstetricians, the long term result could be a reality where all traces and memories of what is real and “normal” in childbirth is completely bastardized and the human family has no memory or ability to birth our young without the drugs and surgery.

Jenny nursing Ben while Nephew Dylan takes a Nap!

The solution? Knowledge of true natural principles of nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and adequate training in the mechanics of birth.

Sure, it will take some effort. And you will have to work in your kitchen. I spend most of my time as a mother shopping for groceries, cooking those groceries, eating the meals produced, and cleaning up afterward. But I promise you, as much as you put into this, is exactly what you will get out of it. The results will astound you and the gratification of enjoying the personality of a child who has been fully nourished in the womb is unlike any high a mother can experience.

Conversely, the hellish day to day life that results from living with a child who has been built on junk food and drugs is something that is increasingly being experienced by parents all over America. Good parents, honest hearted people, have had serious thoughts of giving their own children up for adoption because of the nightmare that has been thrust upon them by the medical traditions of parents and grandparents and the false sense of security so many feel because they have passed all personal responsibility over to the professionals and given up their birthright of empowered living.

I think many people look at the money they are spending on medical care, that polished medical degree framed on the wall, and considering the years of education the doctor has experienced, they figure the Obstetrician knows something about how to build a healthy child? Wrong. They have been taught NOTHING about nutrition, and quite often scoff at those of us who talk about it being the most important factor in the health of a child.

Any portion of your life that makes it impossible for you to cook nourishing foods while you are pregnant and nursing and whatever else you are spending your time on, wether it be a career, schooling, volunteering, crafts, watching television, shopping, etc.. any interruption that makes it impossible for you to create nourishing meals for yourself and your family should be thoughtfully replaced with purposeful kitchen work. The majority of a mothers time should be spent on nourishing herself and her children with whole foods. Especially when the children are under the age of three.

A Prophets Prediction “Growing Evil”

Brigham Young was the second prophet of the Church I belong too, and he had a way with words. In 1996 I discovered this little known quote from the journal of Discourses in the amazing book, Joseph Smith and Herbal Medicine.

Brigham said:

“Would you want Doctors? Yes, to set bones. We should want a good surgeon for that, or to cut off a limb. But do you want doctors? For not much of anything else, let me tell you, only the tradition of the people lead them to think so; and here is a growing evil in our midst.

It will be so in a little time that not a woman in all Israel will dare to have a baby unless she can have a doctor by her. I will tell you what to do, you ladies, when you find you are going to have an increase, go off into some country where you cannot call for a doctor, and see if you can keep it. I guess you will have it, and I guess it will be all right too.

Now the cry is, “send for a doctor.” if you have a pain in the head, “send for a doctor;

if your heel aches, “I want a doctor;” my back aches, and I want a doctor.” The study and practice of anatomy and surgery are very good; they are mechanical, and are frequently needed. Do you not think it is necessary to give medicine sometimes? Yes, but I would rather have a wife of mine that knows what medicine to give me when I am sick, than all the professional doctors in the world.

Now let me tell you about doctoring, because I am acquainted with it, and know just exactly what constitutes a good doctor in physic. It is that man or woman who, by revelation, or we may call it intuitive inspiration, is capable of administering medicine to assist the human system when it is besieged by the enemy called Disease; But if they have not that manifestation, they had better let the sick person alone, I will tell you why; I can see the faces of this congregation, but I do not see two alike; and if I could look into your nervous systems and behold the operations of disease, from the crowns of your heads to the soles of your feet, I should behold the same difference that I see in your physiognomy-there would be no two precisely alike.

Doctors make experiments, and if they find a medicine that will have the desired effect on one person, they set it down that it is good for everybody ( if you didn’t notice, Brother Brigham just outlined the absolute principle behind the double blind studies of our current Medical mess) – but it is not so, for upon the second person that medicine is administered to, seemingly with the same disease, it might produce death. If you do not know this, you have not had the experience that I have.

I say that unless a man or woman who administers medicine to assist the human system to overcome disease understands and has that intuitive knowledge, by the Spirit, that such an article is good for that individual at that very time, they had better let him alone. Let the sick do without eating, take a little of something to cleanse the stomach, bowels and blood, and wait patiently, and let Nature have time to gain the advantage over the disease. Suppose for illustration, we draw a line through this congregation, and place those on this side where they cannot get a doctor, without it is a surgeon, for thirty or fifty years to come; and put the other side in a country full of doctors, and they think they ought to have them, and this side of the house that has no doctor will be able to buy up the inheritance of those who have doctors, and overrun them, outreach them, and buy them up, and finally obliterate them, and they will be lost in the masses of those who have no doctors.

I know what some may say when they look at such things, but that is the fact. Ladies and Gentlemen, you may take any country in the world, I do not care where you go, and if they do not employ doctors, you will find they will beat communities that employ them, all the time. Who is the real doctor? That man who knows by the Spirit of revelation what ails an individual, and by the same spirit knows what medicine to administer. That is the real doctor, the others are quacks.

Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, Volume 15, pp. 225-226

Unassisted Childbirth, A Movie Produced by Jenny Hatch

I believe that when the prophet called doctor attended birth Evil, he meant was he was saying. He also predicted that a time would come when no mother in Israel (The members of our church refer to ourselves as the House of Israel) would give birth without a doctor by her side. So he knew where we were heading, even in the 19th century. I suppose we can safely say that day has arrived….and I would like to suggest that it is the day after that day, since most of the mothers I know who are into home birth are in fact members of The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Pregnancy and Birth Education

I was a Certified Bradley Childbirth teacher for eight years. During that time I did little else but take care of my family and study and teach Natural Childbirth in every spare moment. During my third pregnancy I made the determination that prenatal care was largely a waste of my time, and I decided to go solo with my fourth pregnancy.

During the roller coaster ride that has been our life these past ten years since I informed my husband that I would no longer be using doctors to help me when pregnant and birthing, I have learned some things about the politics of birth. It is these types of insights that I would like to share with you the reader. If anything I write can be of benefit in helping you to gain the confidence to take responsibility for your own health and the health of your family, and if you too decide after much prayer that you want to begin to process of weaning away from the medical profession, this Blog is for you!


So, in my writings I will be promoting Freebirth, encouraging you to become a Conservative, Libertarian, Neo-Con republican, (I believe we who live in Democracy have a sacred trust to help, even with military force, freedom lovers all over the planet to build a democratic society where they live). I will attempt to convince you to question the “better” in Better living through Chemistry, and will share links, quotes, thoughts and insights into why all of these issues together are important for the future.

Its true. I am a Mormon, birth activist, Neo-Con, Freeper, psychiatric survivor, stay at home mother of five who is politically active, likes to write, and is interested in influencing others to live a more natural lifestyle and give birth at home.

I have a picture in my mind of my readers. I see a non-conformist who has felt a deep sense of distrust about authority figures, especially those who wear white coats and dispense drugs like candy. I see a woman who is a reader, thinker, and young, who has spent most of her life skipping to the beat of a different drummer. If you have just graduated from high school or college and are thinking about marrying your sweetheart, but you are frightened by the domestic messes around you, YOU are the woman I will picture in my mind every day while I type.

If you have watched your own mother and grandmother drugged, sliced, and diced by the medical profession, and you are feeling scared. If you have listened to your best friend describe in gory detail the ins and outs of her most recent C-section. If you have watched anti-depressants throw your neighbor, your aunt, your mother, your brother, or your child into psychosis or a diabetic condition. If you are feeling confused about whom to vote for, what the war on Terror is all about, or don’t have the time or energy to do too much research on political issues. If you have lost custody of your kids, experienced a divorce, or lost your credibility as a sane person AFTER anti-depressant use….

YOU are the person I want to be reading this blog. I will have a picture of you in my mind every day, five days a week as I write, and link, and share…

I don’t mind if the menfolk want to give it a read too. I would love to have some young husbands and fathers tune in occasionally. But just know that I do have an agenda. It is clear to me and now it should be clear to you the reader.

If you feel the need to spam me, or castigate me for my heartfelt beliefs, save it. I have heard every argument possible against my world view. My liberal friends have tried to convert me to the Democratic party, my medically minded friends have tried to convince me to have a hospital birth, and my friends who belong to other churches have tried to share with me that horrid Under the banner of heaven book, and convince me of the error of my spiritual beliefs. And it goes on and on and on.

I know what I am about. I know what I believe. I know what I have studied, and I know what is important to me.

Building healthy babies and creating a beautiful, happy life for my husband and children is what I am all about. If you would like to join me in this quest, please log on daily to The NaturalFamilyBlog to share in the coming adventure!

Please note that I would love to get thoughtful, well written responses to this blog. If you feel so inclined to write and are nice, I may even write back, or share a quote or link from you on the Blog. I had to turn off my comments and track backs because of horrifying spam. If you are snarky or mean, or feel the need to “set me straight” by sharing a particularly horrific birth story in which medicine once again heroically saved the life of your wife and baby, please just keep your thoughts to yourself and let’s live and let live. I have had many of these types of arguments shoved in my face over the past few years, and I am not writing this blog for you.

If you feel that doctors, drugs, and surgery saved the day in your particular birthing situation…I am not here to argue or convince you otherwise. I am simply sharing with the young mothers on the web that they do indeed have a choice in how they give birth. And they do not need to offer up their precious bodies upon the alter of Modern Medicine to be drugged and cut during their most vulnerable moment in life.

Final Thoughts

Finally, I would like to leave you with an inspiring passage from one of my favorite books. Jung Changs biography Wild Swans which is perhaps the best expose on Communist thought and living that has been written. For me, the climax of the book takes place in a library that has been devastated during the Cultural Revolution in China.

Excerpt from p. 473 from the chapter Learning English in Mao’s wake

“Being alone in the library was heaven for me. My heart would leap as I approached it, usually at dusk, anticipating the pleasure of solitude with my books, the outside world ceasing to exist. As I hurried up the flight of stairs, into the pastiche classical-style building, the smell of old books long stored in airless rooms would give me tremors of excitement, and I would hate the stairs for being too long.

With the help of dictionaries, which some professors lent me, I became acquainted with Longfellow, Walt Whitman, and American History. I memorized the whole of the Declaration of Independence, and my heart swelled at the words “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal,” and those about men’s “unalienable Rights,” among them “Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” These concepts were unheard of in China, and opened up a marvelous new world for me. My notebooks, which I kept with me at all times, were full of passages like these, passionately and tearfully copied out.”

(For those of you who are passionate Jung readers, she finished her Mao Biography! I have not read it yet, but will review it once I get the chance. I have been waiting years for her to finish this book!)

I consider myself an American Patriot yet I have not taken the time or the effort to memorize the Declaration of Independence. I think this powerful witness by Jung is one of the most eloquent and passionate autobiographies that has ever been written. This history of “three daughters of China” during the 20th Century in Mao’s Communist Hell should be required reading for every person in America, especially our Marxist Professors!

My prayer in taking the time to write over these coming months and years is that you who are reading will be able to break down the walls in your own mind about American History, the founding documents, the direction we are headed as a people with our creeping socialism and flat out communism in some quarters, and that you will educate yourself on the facts of the matter, and confidently join those who are working diligently in our world to spread Democracy and Freedom. Don’t think for a minute that it is too complex for you to learn or understand. With a little time and effort you can build a foundation strong enough to withstand any political storm, which could include participating in an online political chat, a conversation with a politically minded liberal friend, or an argument with your teenage son or daughter who is also being carefully indoctrinated in Marxist studies.

A great place to start would be to read The Naked Communist by Cleon Skousen. Then Radical Son by David Horowitz followed by The Case for Democracy By Natan Sharansky. Think of these books as your text books for the next few weeks. Then take the time to go back and read some of the excellent articles, books, and peruse a few of the political web sites I have linked to. As you shake out the propaganda that was carefully placed in your head during your growing up years, please know that the truth will set you free politically. And you will never be confused about who to vote for again.

Paul and Ben

Paul and Ben 2002

Some of my natural childbirth friends have truly questioned how I could vote for George Bush knowing that Pharmaceutical companies gave so much money to his campaign. My response is simply that I believe he is an honest man, and I feel more safe with him as president than I ever did with Bill Clinton, or a pathological liar like John Kerry as the commander in chief. The nature of politics today is that most politicians on both sides of the aisle are heavily funded by Big Pharma.

Ultimately, if parents are going to break free from the Medical monopoly, that is something they are going to have to do for themselves. With a republican at the head of the government, I feel confident that Freedom principles overall will be more honored and respected than if a democrat was president. At this point in our history, I believe it is far more important we have an honest person in the white house. Medical Freedom will come as families get educated, but no medical freedom can happen if we are completely socialized in America, or if our American cities are lying under piles of rubble from nuclear terror.

Hatch Fam 2004

The Paul Hatch Family 2004

If you are still reading this monstrosity of an intro pat yourself on the back. I promise to keep the Blog entries filled with great links to help you down the path to the Sovereign Family Lifestyle!

And… Remember…. “Healthy Families Make A Healthy World