Freedom Vs. Tyranny – Is The Occupy Wall Street Movement just another lefty fakeout?

This Post is dedicated to my friend Ruth Mangus who died this past week.

(Ruth is in the purple t shirt in front of the gate at the Denver Capitol and I am standing on the UN flag counter demonstrating at an Anti War Rally in September of 2005)

Here is my AAR from this event at Free Republic

I just watched/listened to this interview with Vinny Eastwood on Wide Awake News:

I completely agree with both men who make the case that while the organizers of OWS are Obvious Marxists, those sincere citizens who have taken to the streets around the world are mostly honest hearted souls who want some financial justice.

I also agree with Vinny when he claims that the biggest problem in the world is the Globalists who have been setting up a Genocidal Top Down Marxist Police State.  The Money Mongers planned to use Modern Medicine and the Main Stream Media as the tool to control, regulate, and eventually depopulate the Masses of Humanity, but the push back from We The People has been intense the past few years and I like to think we have them on the run.

This post is my attempt to help expose the fact that for decades lefty activist leadership has been funded by Marxists to destroy the American Free Enterprise System and rob the American People of their sovereignty. They are constantly shoving the American People to the left through media manipulation and “all socialism all the time” in American Public Schools.

First a little history…

Like so many activists I first had to have my eyes opened before I was willing to begin researching the facts.

I experienced a nervous breakdown after the birth of my first baby in 1988 and was hospitalized for Post Partum Psychosis.  I was breastfeeding my daughter and did not want to stop in order to take Psychiatric Medications.  After a month long fight with the Michigan Psychiatric Association, I finally found myself in front of a judge who informed me that I was “Court Ordered” to eat psychiatric meds as well as an additional 90 day sentence in the local state mental institution.

Over the next year I ate a cocktail of drugs including Haldol, Stelazine, Lithium, and Prozac and was also treated for a sexually transmitted disease, herpes simplex II with an anti viral drug Zovirex.  I was gang raped in the state mental hospital by four orderlies and a few months after being released from the hospital developed oral herpes.  (I was raped orally and vaginally by these men while strapped to a four point restraint table the first night of my hospitalization).  I was also put on a thyroid medication later in the year by my Family Doctor, and the week I started taking that drug I had significant symptoms of a heart attack, although I did not know that at the time.

In the spring of 1990 I read an article about Prozac in Newsweek Magazine and something in the article made me consider the idea that a suicidal incident I experienced a few weeks after starting Prozac could have been caused by the drug.  I had been re hospitalized in the fall of 1989 for a week because I was suicidal.  Thankfully the psychiatrist in that hospital took me off the major tranquilizers and I was able to begin my detox, but he doubled my dose of Prozac and that caused significant distress in my body and mind.

The spring of 1990 I worked with a female psychiatrist who was open to the idea of me weaning off all of my meds and helped me to carefully and thoughtfully break through the barrier to a drug free existence.  Coming off Prozac was the most difficult thing I have EVER done.

Here is a collage of my healing journey

In 1990 I began to find my footing as a human being again and although suffering great emotional distress whenever yearly anniversaries from the times I was molested as a child and raped as an adult hit, I was able to get through that emotional pain without using medications and/or numbing myself with alcohol or illegal drugs.  I understand the need for sexual abuse survivors to self medicate and don’t judge anyone for choosing to do that, but I want to throw out the idea that healing from the most devastating traumas can be achieved with sobriety because I have done it.

The love of my children and husband coupled with my Faith in Jesus Christ carried me through the most difficult
suicidal moments and I was also greatly aided by an absolute focus on nourishing my body and mind with whole foods, herbs, vitamins, exercise, sunshine, and fresh air.  Living in Boulder County these past twenty years has also been therapeutic as I have healed these past two decades.

A huge part of my healing was aided by a willingness to ask my Heavenly Father to guide me to the truth about my life.

Why did I lose my mind after my daughter was born?

How did the psychiatric industry get so much power?

What forces were at work in terms of politics, money, and control that made it possible for the courts to have so much decision making power over my personal life?

And, What sort of trends were we as a society on as we moved towards this trajectory of using modern medicine for all that ails us and what was the long range result of all of us being dependent on pills and surgery to “cure” every ill?

Because I have worked mostly as an at home mother since marrying in 1988, I had the great opportunity to spend hours and hours every day reading.  I mostly read while nursing my babies in the early years, and these past few years I have been sick in bed for hours every day and have loads of time to read, and read, and read.

My quest for the truth about why I went insane has taken me to some dark places in terms of learning the truth about the agendas, money, and people who are at the heart of the efforts to Collectivize the World into a Medical Police State.

Learning about those dark places compelled me to get active and start organizing against them.

I don’t claim to understand or know all of the agendas.

But I do understand that the destruction of the Family is the ultimate end game for many of those people who are pulling the levers and strings manipulating the people around the planet.  For it is with the destruction of the Family Unit that the powers that be are able to sit back and reap a mountain of cash and control.

While I strongly affiliate myself with the Tea Party and Health Freedom Movements, I also consider myself a Neo Con Hawk who believes that War can be used as a tool for good when attempting to free those who are enslaved on our planet.

I watched this video taken at the OWS Demo in New York by a former Citizen of the Soviet Union and was absolutely flabbergasted by the woman who claimed that North Korea was a Socialist Paradise.

When this level of deception exists in America and those activists who don’t understand how a Police State is run DEFEND it, well you can understand why I would run into the arms of the Conservative Activists standing up for the Constitution, Rule of Law, and Separation of Powers outlined in the Founding Documents of the USA.  Yet I am revolted by the Anti Muslim rhetoric of so many on the right and feel that the Military Industrial Complex has lost its credibility and soul because of its marriage to Modern Medicine.  So many of our soldiers have committed suicide these past few years because of being over dosed on Anti Depressants.  Tens of Thousands of Soldiers have died since receiving the Squalene Adjuventated Vaccines that are constantly being  jabbed into our military and I think that horrifying fraud needs to be exposed and stopped.

At the beginning of the War in Iraq my brother was serving in Iraq and sent weekly emails to our family.  He expressed frustration with the fact that the media was not reporting the good things happening in that country.  So I affiliated myself with Free Republic and began attending Anti War Demonstrations to counter demonstrate against the left.  As the years clicked by and I learned more and more about how the left organizes, plans, and conducts political street theatre, I became convinced that a Marxist Cancer was manipulating the minds of the American People through the Universities, Media, and Hollywood towards a medical police state.

And I stood up and yelled.

I am still yelling…but the blow back has been intense and it is not easy to know and understand all of the agendas.

But I can testify to this:  At some level what I have written and what I have done has so upset the powers that be that they have done just about everything within their power to “quietly” shut me up.

This fact alone has taught me that the promotion of Family Sovereignty, Family Freedom, Mothers having autonomy over their bodies and minds and over the bodies and minds of their children upsets them and tells me that I am on the right track…

So I am going to keep yelling…

And I hope that as the yelling continues we can all come to a meeting of the minds about what sort of a society will be best for Fathers, Mothers, and Children.

Because if the Family is destroyed…society becomes a great big nothing.


“Healthy Families Make A Healthy World”

Jenny Hatch 

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