Thoughts on a passing scene…

Today Is my first week of school, first full week.  It feels so odd to be in class with dozens of people in their twenties.

I remember when I was at BYU the random older adults who attended class.  I became friends with a woman in one of my classes who was a grandma, and remember some nice chats with her as we studied together.

I am not really looking to make friends, just up the quality of the music I sing, but it is interesting to be on a campus surrounded by all of the young adults the same age as my three oldest children.

I have been spending quite a bit of time reading through the various synopsis and commentary around the DNC and RNC.  I am friends with several activists who attended the RNC as Delegates and was revolted by what happened to the Ron Paul delegates in regards to rules changes and how they have now set things up for less grass roots participation in the future.  NOT surprised something like this happened, I have hated the RNC since they treated Alan Keyes so shabbily back in the day.

Watch this video to understand the whole story:

As I have participated in political chats with friends on Facebook and with my husband and children at home, I feel torn.

Many longtime blog readers know that I was very involved in the Tea Parties that were organized during the early days of the Obama Presidency.

In fact, I put together a Documentary from the video and audio footage that resulted from all of the events I either organized or attended.

I also gave the opening speech at the first Denver Tea Party in Feb of 2009.

On my Twitter Feed I share some of the articles that shape my views.  I don’t link to all of what I read, because I spend quite a bit of time reading thoughts from all over the political spectrum, and some of the commentary and opinion is simply trash and pointless to promote.  But the thoughtfully written stuff I send to my twitter feed so I can share some of what I am reading.

Basically I believe the American People are going to experience the big time Medical Screw Over with Romney and Ryan as Prez and VP.

I hope that Obamas Presidency has educated my activist friends on the left how pointless it is to believe that anything significant will ever change in terms of the control the Medical Powers that be hold sway over.  The Drug Companies own the political process and the Media and they fully intend to turn the American People more fully into Medical Slaves, with or without Obamacare in place.

With the laws regarding Forced Vaccines as well as the overpowering control the Medicos hold over Childbirth, I see more of the same, with more Midwives locked up, parents bullied, and children intoxicated by the slurry of toxins tied to the whole cradle to grave American Health Care system.

I will keep linking on Facebook, teaching childbirth, blogging, making movies, interviewing the movers and shakers of the Birth Freedom Movement on my radio show, and teaching everyone within my sphere of influence the truth about birth and babies.

But it is a very small group of parents who are interested in learning the truth.  And I predict the next twenty years are going to look rather bleak for the Average American Family in regards to the health and well being of their children.

Oh well, we all have to live and learn.

I plan to sing my way through it all and hope and pray for the health of my grandchildren…

Jenny Hatch

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