Common Core should be renamed OBAMAcore because hey, if we like our local control, we can keep it….RIGHT??

1898193_10203072744879446_826469797_nLast night we had an epic, packed, storming of the castle at the Utah State Capitol.  Over four hundred people jammed into the capitol to demand a cease and desist on Common Core.

Wait, stop the presses…

Bill Gates has now set the record straight over at USA Today, guess I won’t bother to type up this post because hey, “he said so” and if Bill says Common Core is GOOD, well, who am I to question.

From his holiness Master Gates:

“Americans want students to get the best education possible. We want schools to prepare children to become good citizens and members of a prosperous American economy. The Common Core standards were carefully conceived with these two goals in mind. It would be a shame if myths and misunderstandings got in the way.”


Myths and Misunderstandings…

The parents and educators in Massachusetts who formed the Pioneer Institute and did the difficult work of building consensus around what a world class education looks like have chimed in on the facts surrounding the Common Core.

These are the people who took on the challenging task of hammering out what a real public education should look like, and you know what?  When Bill gathered his little posse’ of consensus builders, he forgot to ask these guys for advice. Perhaps if he had hired a few of them to help write the history texts they would have argued with him that a four color page spread bio on the little God King would be Petty Tyrant known as the Maven of Microsoft might not be a good idea.

A quote from this article at Front Page Magazine:

“And as national social studies standards now come rolling in they will also learn about new American heroes, like Common Core’s biggest funder, billionaire Bill Gates.  One elementary school textbook published by Pearson, the giant international publishing company that has helped develop Common Core tests, contains several pages of tribute to him.”

The funniest development in the news today was that articles in The New York Times, Washington Post, Politico, and Deseret News all sheepishly admitted that those opposing Common Core are not just wild eyed home makers.

I could just see all those editors who have dumped on us education activists for the past two years saying to themselves, “Oh Crap, now the education establishment  and progressive left is dumping on Common Core too.”

I kinda feel sorry for the poor saps.  Who knew a day would ever come when Glenn Beck and New York Educrats would ever agree on anything?

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