Rand Paul at CPAC 2014: Let us all stand together in LIBERTY!


I have been watching CPAC speeches on You Tube, it is a lifelong dream of mine to have the time, money, and space to attend.  I just watched this speech by Senator Paul.  He is such a great communicator and activist!

GTY 477148595 A POL USA MDAs I watched Ted Cruzs speech yesterday and listened to Mike Lee…

I had the sense that I was witnessing a miracle.   The moneyed, connected, ruling class NEVER intended for these three men to be a part of the Senate of the USA.

No, the types of men and women who will stand up for the Constitution of the United States of America, have largely been weeded out of the two parties long before they ever have a hope of winning an election.

When these three people won their primaries in Kentucky, Texas, and Utah a collective cheer went up across America!



Have we really turned a corner towards FREEDOM?  I believe we have. It is time to CHARGE AHEAD!


Jenny Hatch

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