Online Webinar: Water Storage and Purification with Jenny Hatch

On January 21st I will be hosting a class in my home and on the internet to educate on proper water storage.

Click HERE to register for the online version of the class.

This class is the third in a Series of Provident Living classes for those who desire to learn self reliance.

Natural Family Living Class

a six class series taught by Self Reliance Enthusiast Jenny Hatch

9 am to 10:00 am

Every third Saturday for the next six months at the Hatch Home

214 Pheasant Run Louisville, Co 80027 – 720-890-5922 –

Class is free and open to the Public!

November 19th 2011: Food Storage

*This class will cover both short and long term Food Storage

December 17th 2011: 72 Hour Kits

*Most Emergencies require a three day window of self-reliance before outside help arrives. This class will cover the ins and outs of survival at home or in a shelter

January 21st 2012: Water Storage & Purification 9am to 10am

*Water Storage is Insurance against a long term disruption in basic services, come learn the basics of how to safely store water in your home

February 18th 2012: Baking with Whole Grains

*So your whole grain food supply has been sitting in your basement since Y2K, NOW is the time to learn how to cook with it and incorporate whole grains into your daily meals

March 17th 2012: Essential Oils

*Essential Oils are a great way to purify water, cleanse the home, and provide basic Natural Home Health Care (An allergy to chlorine compelled Jenny to learn more about alternatives to chemicals and she has safely used EO’s to purify her water supply for over fifteen years)

April 21st 2012: Birth *Pregnant? Jenny taught Natural Childbirth Classes for over eight years and this class will outline the basics of Emergency Childbirth                

Hope you can tune in on Saturday January 21st at 9AM!


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